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Is Mindanao Philippines ready for a Hollywood film shooting part 2?

Is Mindanao Philippines ready for another Hollywood film shooting? Which area or areas in Mindanao can easily be a great location for the next big Hollywood movie?

I can’t help but think about these after I read that Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and a couple of other Hollywood actors and actresses are set to arrive in Manila, Philippines early next year for the shooting of “The Bourne Legacy.”

According to the Film Development Council of the Philippines, “Bourne Legacy” will shoot scenes in Manila, Philippines by January 2012. The movie is set for release sometime August 2012. “The Bourne Legacy” also stars Rachel Weisz, Albert Finney and…get this…Edward Norton! (I just love, love, love Edward Norton!)

Forty year old Jeremy Renner (of “Hurt Locker” fame and a two time Oscar Award nominated American actor) will lead the latest Bourne film. Matt Damon used to play the Jason Bourne character.

If you remember, Mindanao Philippines was the center of attention just a few years ago when Hollywood heartthrob Josh Hartnett came and filmed “I Come With The Rain.” Josh Hartnett stayed in Mt. Diwalwal in Davao. The Hollywood movie crew also hired local Filipinos as extras.

What do you think?

Should film producers consider Mindanao again as an ideal place to shoot Hollywood films?

What do you think are the great places (hidden treasures!) around Mindanao that these Hollywood producers should look into?

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  • Janellyn

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