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Attending the 3rd National Investigative Journalism conference Philippines 2024 #IJPH2024

The 3rd National Investigative Journalism Conference in the Philippines for 2024 was held from April 30 to May 2, 2024 in Quezon City and was hosted by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ). The conference aimed to provide a learning, sharing, and capacity-building venue for participants to appreciate the importance of investigative journalism and watchdog journalism in the face of increasingly challenging political and information environments.

I feel absolutely honored and inspired to have been a part of the 3rd National #IJPH2024

100 journalists. 46 speakers. 3 plenary sessions. 12 breakout sessions. Topics were extremely relevant and urgent including artificial intelligence, deep fakes, social media for news and public engagement, 2025 elections (!!!), collaborations, digital storytelling etc.

Also had the chance to listen to Filipino reporters who have made quite a mark including Caecent who unearthed that controversial swimming pool amid what’s supposed to be recognized as our natural treasure, the Bohol Chocolate Hills. You can feel her passion in her voice and you can’t help but hope that there will be more like her – who will fearlessly write what should be written, without qualms or hesitation.

Thank you so much to the PCIJ, to Miss Weng, Miss Carmela, Aaron and to the rest of your awesome team. Thank you to everyone who made that 3-day event a resounding success.

I will definitely incorporate all of my learnings not only in my writing and my platforms but also in my speeches and workshops.

Extra special shoutout to Miss Weng for trusting folks like me who belong under the “in-between” category (a little journalism experience, a little digital/social experience but a whole lotta respect for the community and belief that when we respectfully synergize and innovate together, we can accomplish tons!)


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