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Josh Hartnett and his Mindanao film set for showing this year

Just when I thought Hollywood heartthrob Josh Hartnett‘s Mindanao-set film will never see the light of day here in the Philippines, word has it that it will be shown (finally!) this year, 2009.

I Come With the Rain” is about a former Los Angeles cop turned private investigator (played by Josh Hartnett). Kline, the character played by Hartnett, goes to Hong Kong in search of Shitao, the son of a Chinese billionaire who has gone missing. He meets former colleague and now Hong Kong cop Meng Zi and they collaborate. The big twist in the movie, though, is when Kline is distracted from his search of Shitao. He gets haunted by memories of the serial killer Hasford (played by Elias Koteas) who was the reason Kline quit the L.A. police force in the first place.

Well, it seems “I Come With the Rain” will be a hit among the guys since it’s another police flick. It will be for sure a hit among the ladies since it’s packed with boys with guns, men with muscles and gang leaders who smoke too much. In other words, this movie is brimming with testosterone. Personally, I’d probably be shrieking over the handsome Josh too much.

I’ll definitely watch this movie, not only because it’ll be full of suspense, car chases, gun fights and fist fights (do I sound like an advocate of violence?), but because it was partly filmed in Mindanao (but of course!) “I Come With the Rain” was shot partly in Mount Diwalwal in Davao. I could actually remember all the fuss and flurry when Josh arrived — it was pandemonium! Which, of course, was understandable since Josh is a certified charmer (obvious na ba na girly girl ako over Josh?)

There’s no specific date yet as to when this movie will be shown here in the Philippines but by golly all Mindanaoans will definitely watch out for this!

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