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Color Me Badd and All 4 One in Cagayan de Oro Philippines experience – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my big Color Me Badd and All 4 One Live in CDO Philippines experience! For Part 1, please visit this All 4 One and Color Me Badd experience – the highs, the lows and yes, I even danced on stage page! 🙂 I would also like to thank each and every one of you who read, left comments and shared my articles. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I hope you enjoy reading Part 2 of this All 4 One Live in Philippines and Color Me Badd Live in Philippines series 🙂 Please, please, please leave comments and share this post as well 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you!


When we finally arrived at the farm, I noticed that my camera flash diffuser was missing. I thought of checking the area where KT sat – because if you remember I sat beside him to teach him some local words. Almost everyone already alighted from the bus and it was only me and Mr. Burly left. (Yeah, I know, right? Of all people!) So I politely asked him if he noticed a white plastic cap of sorts. Without saying anything and with a blank stare, he pointed at my camera flash diffuser, which was apparently underneath a seat — Mr. Burly’s seat! He didn’t even offer to get it for me. He turned around and left without saying a word.

I was left AMUSED…and, truth be told, at that very instant, I smiled and secretly thanked God that my younger brothers as well as all the other guys I’m friends with do not have that type of attitude. Thank the good Lord!

I then caught up with the rest of the group. I consciously kept my distance, though.

It was my very first time to visit the Philippine Ostrich and Crocodile Farm in Opol, Misamis Oriental. There were several types of animals there including chicken, ostriches, goats and yes, the crocodiles. The guys apparently thought (or were probably told, I’m not sure) they’d see the largest one ever caught (the 21 foot long crocodile now named “Lolong” in Agusan del Sur) and I didn’t have the heart to tell them that it wasn’t there. Well, make that – I thought I was (yet again) in no position to tell them. I got hit by a serious case of conscience attack when I saw the smiles on their faces disappear when they only saw the “regular crocodiles.” Still, the guys showed they were troopers and I was glad that they all were.

Tony Borowiak of All 4 One was the funniest of them all – he said he already told his family and friends that he was about to see the largest crocodile in the world and that he was sticking by his story.

“I’ll just Photoshop and elongate the small crocodile to make it appear huge,” he joked. So hilarious! The other guys also said that they still had a blast.

“I feel like Tom Cruise in Platoon,” Delious Kennedy of All 4 One said.

When we all went back to the bus, I decided to sit way, way, WAAYYY at the back. Like at the last row of the bus! I thought it would be wiser. Besides, I thought, I’d have the entire row to myself. Here’s a shot I took from where I sat:

A few minutes later, I saw Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd, who sat at the 3rd row, raise his head and look behind his shoulder. He looked at me and frowned. I frowned back. I wondered what was up. Then, after about a minute, he stood up and walked towards the back of the bus. This happened while the bus was still in motion. I thought he wanted to sit near Mark or Tony, who were about 2 seats away from me. What I didn’t know was that he wanted to sit by the window of the last row of the bus…right beside me!

Yep, it really was my lucky day!

“Is it all right if I sit here?,” he asked me as he pointed at the space on my right.

“Of course!,” I replied. My cheeks immediately felt warm — I couldn’t help but blush. I wanted to ask him — who in their right minds would dare say no? Hello?! Take that, Mr. Burly and to everyone else who’s been throwing me dagger looks! Hah!

I think I gave out a little high pitched shriek because he looked at me real funny. You know – that kind of high pitched squeal that you make when you try so hard NOT to squeal?

He sat and smiled at me. Yes, that very smile that has charmed and broken a million hearts. I immediately realized that that was perhaps my chance to interview him! Aha! Light bulb moment! No, wait — can’t I just stay put, enjoy the view (meaning him), not say anything and just — OGLE?

bryan abrams“I’m scared of narrow buses and narrow roads,” he said, to which I replied, “Well, you’re in for a real scare. I can’t protect you. I’m also terrified of narrow buses and narrow roads.” He gave out a small laugh and I thought I was going to DIE.

I mean, really, come on! Here was Bryan AbramsTHE Bryan Abrams who made my heart go a-flutter every time I watched the music videos of Color Me Badd songs “The Earth, The Sun, The Rain,” “Choose” and “Sexual Capacity”! Can you still remember how handsome he was in “The Earth, The Sun, The Rain”?

bryan abrams of color me baddWhat about that “little…ttle… too much for me” part in “Sexual Capacity” and when those gorgeous hazel eyes stared at the camera? And oh please, don’t even get me started on the Color Me Badd “Choose” music video. That one is my most favorite! Of course, Bryan was a hunk there but truth be told, all of the Color Me Badd guys looked so desirable in this video I should not be blamed for the weird thoughts that usually run through my head whenever I watch that. Hah! Kevin looked so sensual, Sam had very beautiful eyes and my love Mark Calderon looked oh-so-drop dead gorgeous. Watch the video here.

Yes, they all received a lot of the good stuff when God decided to shower the world with beauty and sex appeal. *sigh*

My daydreaming session was cut short when Bryan again startled me by asking: “I’m worried about you. You were so excited earlier today and then that all changed. Is something wrong?”

“Uhmm. None. Nothing’s wrong. Why do you ask?” Geez, what is with all the lies today?

“Well, you were a ball of energy today at the airport and it was great because we’ve never been welcomed like that before,” he said. My heart beat a whole lot faster!

“It usually takes us a while to get that second wind, you know? But you made it easier because of your great personality,” he added. He gazed at me as if saying “you’re cornered now, Irene, no excuses this time.”

I was floored. Again, I never expected him to ask me that. I never expected him to be that “conscious” of what’s going on because, really, artists usually should no longer worry about the drama that goes behind the scenes. At that instant, I felt ashamed, surprised, humbled and thankful all at the same time. Ashamed because I didn’t trust myself AND the guys enough to just BE myself and not worry about what others (Mr. Burly, for one) would think. Thankful because here was Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd worried about me.

Did you hear that, Philippines? Bryan Abrams was worried about me! It felt surreal.

I then came clean and told him the truth. I will no longer share the nitty gritty details of our conversation about the behind-the-scenes drama — suffice it to say that I felt secured, assured and appreciated! Thank you so much Bryan.

What I could share with you all, though, are the next few topics we discussed during that 20 minute drive. We talked about their last visit to the Philippines, what happened during their Manila and Cebu shows (they had shows there before coming to CDO), how much he loves the beach (Bryan practically gave out oohs and aahs as soon as he saw the Opol beach) and how much he loves and misses his kids. I also told him how much I loved his solo album, “Welcome To Me,” (released in 2001) and that “Good As It Gets” was my favorite track. I also asked him how he dealt with the ladies back during their heydays.

“You mean how Mark dealt with the ladies back then,” Bryan insisted. He had a sheepish grin on his face. He also kept on raising his eyebrows and then pointing his chin towards Mark.

“No, you!,” I said, ignoring his goofy facial expressions. “Everyone had a crush on you, for chrissakes. How did it feel to be everyone’s object of desire?”

Believe me, my choice of words that day was utterly astonishing.

I also wanted to add – “how in the world can someone have really gorgeous hazel eyes and sexy lips and live to tell the world about it?”

“You’re funny,” he said with a smile. And then he fell silent.

And serious.

“Have you watched our recent videos online? Have you read the comments so far?,” he asked. Before I could answer, though, he added: “I don’t know how much about my personal life is out there. Have you heard anything?”

While the tone of his voice was calm, warm and sincere, there was also a trace of worry.

I assured him that I watched the videos taken during their Manila and Cebu trips and that most, if not all, of the comments were positive.

“Fans are really excited and this reunion is long awaited,” I said.

I was also honest enough to let him know that, yes, I read all about his recent “life trials and challenges” (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can just do a quick search on the Internet. There’s a plethora of photos, videos and articles about Bryan’s “colorful” past) and at the same time, I told him that he shouldn’t worry too much. Past is past. Real fans will stick by you no matter what, I said. Color Me Badd is back and that’s what matters.

What then happened in the next several minutes was downright remarkable. We talked and it wasn’t a conversation between a fan and an idol. It was a conversation that was as regular and as honest-to-goodness as it can be. Bryan was brutally honest about certain things and mind you, we didn’t just talk about music! We talked about life, about how to cope, about fears and setbacks, about the challenges of reuniting, about hopes. We talked about fans, the evolving music industry and what to do at a time when social media has become a byword. We even talked about love and…hold your breath…noses. I told him I will make it my lifelong mission to look for a guy who has the same pretty nose as he has. Bryan just kept on laughing and calling me “funny, funny girl.”

It was music to my ears.

Truth be told, I didn’t expect that our conversation would become that serious and…normal. Not that I’m complaining. I actually felt very proud of how my “special mini interview” turned out. Here I was, listening to Bryan Abrams talk about things other than music. Our conversation was a welcome breather. A whiff of fresh air. I appreciated that so much. As a fan who waited for 20 long years, I can definitely say that it was worth the wait. Thank you so much Bryan Abrams. You made me very happy.

Not too long after, we arrived at Bigby’s Rosario Arcade Limketkai Center. Bigby’s was one of the generous sponsors of the concert. Thank you, Bigby’s! Anyways, we had lunch there and the guys met some members of the local media. There were tons of photo ops, too! Of course, I had to have my photo taken with everyone including Hanna. I did mention earlier that I will share a little story about her. I will do that in a bit.

color me badd all 4 oneThe guys then boarded the bus again and left for soundcheck. I opted not to join them anymore (so much for being the paparazzi, eh?) so as to avoid unnecessary stress brought about by you-know-what. Which I thought was a good idea, anyway, since I could prepare and rest for a bit before I watch the much-awaited Color Me Badd and All 4 One Live in Cagayan de Oro Philippines concert!


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  • michelle hamilton

    Love it Irene, bryan is such a wonderful man and my heart goes out to him and his family. he has always been my favorite. You are blessed to know him and all of the guys! I,m also blessed to have you as a friend. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Hi Michelle, thank you so much for taking the time out to read this one. I’m so glad that you like it. I just realized that the article turned into some kind of weepy/sentimental read but I thought that it was only proper for me to share 🙂 Bryan made me very happy that day and it was something that I will never, ever forget. I am so blessed to meet kindred spirits like you as well!

  • It’s amazing how much you and I have in common when it comes to our CMB opinions. “Choose” is also my favorite video (and currently my favorite CMB song – it shifts), and I also think Bryan has a perfect nose. And yes, it is quite disarming how… unaffected he is. He’s so down to earth. Sounds like you know that even better than I do. 🙂

    • Hi Patricia! Thank you so much for reading this 🙂 I just love the “Choose” music video! ZOMG. My favorite part is when the boys were at the table and they smiled and looked relaxed. Sam was a real cutie there! Had to be said! As for Bryan — hooboyyy he’s really gorgeous and yes, it is quite disarming to see how humble, down to earth and unaffected he is. Now THAT’S the real essence of being sexy! I forgot to mention in the article that I kept on pinching his nose because I fell in love with it hahahaha! Part 3 real soon! Yay!

  • sabrina

    WOW! Just WOW!! I had goosebumps while reading this. I think at some point I wanted to cry. I envy you Irene…you have no idea! Hahahahaha!!

    • Hi Sabrinaaa!!! Yeyyy thank you so much for reading! I super appreciate it when you drop by and leave a comment. I still remember those days on YT when we (okay, me mostly haha) would leave comments on the boys’ kopong kopong videos LOL! OMG you have to read part 3 ha! I’m currently uploading the remaining pictures na. YEY!

      Ang super cute ng comment mo! Actually, I also cried while I wrote this down hihihi. Just remembering that special day always makes me very emotional. Shucks, sign of age na ba to? LOL

  • Chieli Suzuki

    OMG! OMG!! OMG!!!
    I was reading it word by word, with goose bumps all over,
    while hoping that every line I lay my eyes on is not the last.
    If 1st part was “great,” the 2nd was “PERFECT.”
    I see in Bryan’s hazel eyes and hear in his voice that he is a person of compassion
    and humility, but your article has brought me closer to Bryan, …. feel him as a person.
    Although it’s embarassing, I must admit my weepy eyes are still weepy as I write this entry. Thank you CBM for bringing back light to my once a hopeless life. And thank you Irene for sharing this and making me “squeal” and “weep” at the same time.
    Another BANZAI for Irene!! And can’t wait for our KAMPAI!!! 🙂

    • Hi Chieliiii!!! I’m so glad you got to read this already! Comments like yours are exactly WHY I write and share as much as I can with fellow fans 🙂 Thank you so much! I’m so happy that you like the articles. I can’t wait to share with you part 3 (the big finale! Hehe)

      Bryan is a wonderful man and he has an amazing soul. I never thought he’d be that honest with me and I super appreciated that. I actually became a more fervent fan than ever before because of that conversation! I learned a lot about him and I hope that someday all of you fellow Color Me Badd fans will get to talk to him as well and see just how amazing he is.

  • jacque

    i don’t know how you stayed conscious the whole time, i mean i would have fainted long before he could stand up and sit beside me. hehe… gosh, you’re such a lucky girl, couldn’t imagine staying coherent it it was me, i would have been blabbering nonsense non-stop. 😛

    • Hi! HAHAHA Grabe it really was a haba-ng-hair moment!!! I never, ever expected him to stand up and sit beside me. I really consider myself lucky! It really pays to just be yourself and be friendly and nice…and a little bit WEIRD enough to scream like a crazed fan girl hahaha! Hay naku if only I could record the entire thought and turn it into a DVD. Yung parang sa Harry Potter bah, that you store your memories in some cloud form? LOL

      Thank you sooo much for visiting and leaving this comment! Part 3 in a fewwwww!!!

      • sabrina

        Naku! Irene, you wanna meet Jordan Knight??? Good luck!! I guarantee you, he is the exact opposite of all the nicest international celebrities I’ve met! Yes, he is super duper over sa “kagwapohan” BUT super duper not accommodating. Everytime I see him sa mga meet and greet on YT. I myself is so confused kasi parang he’s so nice pero he’s NOT!

        I had a chance to meet him up close inside his dressing room last Nov. 17, 1999 when he promoted his 1st solo album in Asia. I thought that experience would be a dream come true pero HINDI talaga naging maganda. Well, hindi naman siya rude BUT he was NOT accommodating. Yes, he is super duper drop dead gorgeous BUT turn off talaga sa nangyari. I don’t even wanna think about it anymore pero when I read that you wanted to meet him…I just thought that you should be warned in advance.

        That’s just the summary of what I can tell you.

        • OH MY GODDD!!! REALLY??? As in super sad na ako! 🙁 I had the biggest crush on Jordan! Well until now I still have a huge crush on him. Ba’t ganoooooonnnn that’s so sad 🙁 I think he’s super hot pa naman!

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