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Schedule: Kaamulan Festival 2023 in Bukidnon (only authentic ethnic fest in the Philippines)

Kaamulan Festival is the annual gathering of the Province of Bukidnon’s 7 hill tribes. A former Tourism Secretary called it the only authentic ethnic festival in the Philippines and I must say, there’s nothing like it! It’s colorful, vibrant, loud, warm, heartwarming and just full of energy, culture and tradition.

This year, the Kaamulan Festival 2023 is happening! The Bukidnon festival was suspended for 2 years during the pandemic. The Kaamulan Festival 2022 happened but it was toned down to just a few events. Hopefully, this Kaamulan 2023, the festivities will be back in full force and everyone can really feel the vibrancy of this amazing ethnic festival.

The Kaamulan Festival is a yearly gathering of the Talaandig, Tigwahanun, Higaonon, Manolo, Matigsalug, Umayamnun and Bukidnon tribes. These are the 7 Bukidnon hill tribes. Most, if not all, of the activities happen in Malaybalay City, the capital of Bukidnon.

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By virtue of Provincial Ordinance 2018-083R(13th SP), (the originating resolution was authored by Bukidnon 2nd District Board Member and my friend, Atty. Nemesio Beltran, Jr.), the Kaamulan Festival is held from March 23 to April 23 every year. Atty. Jun also confirmed it to me that the festival will be held during this period.

Update: Atty. Jun already sent Mindanaoan the tentative schedule of activities! We have it FIRST!

Kaamulan Festival 2023 Schedule of Activities

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Our heartfelt thanks to my friend Bukidnon 2nd District Board Member Atty. Jun Beltran!

Here’s one of the videos I took during the Kaamulan Festival many moons ago:

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Fast fact: Kaamulan is an indigenous Bukidnon term that means “gathering” for any purpose.

The biggest crowd drawer will undoubtedly be the Ethnic Street Dancing and Ground Presentation Competition. The contingents will represent the tribes (there will also be tribal members in each contingent) and will showcase the dances, music and practices.

If you plan to witness the 2023 Kaamulan Festival, best to already book your accommodations early since Malaybalay City doesn’t have enough lodging places yet. You can search for discounted hotel rooms below: (or you can also search for Valencia City hotel rooms — Valencia is about 30 minutes away from Malaybalay)

Valencia City – List of Accommodation

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