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Lovely Lake Mainit in Mindanao Philippines – Why You Need To Visit

Lake Mainit is great proof why Mindanao, Philippines is the land of promise. To say that Lake Mainit is breathtaking is actually an understatement. The beauty of Lake Mainit is arresting. It takes you aback. This lovely lake makes you remember just how beautiful life is. It makes you feel grateful.

Lake Mainit, which is actually the deepest lake in the Philippines, is “shared” by the provinces of Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte. It plays a vital role in commerce, trade and eco-tourism ventures for both provinces. There are a total of 31 lakeshore barangays around this body of water and you can have good views of the lake from the municipalities of Mainit, Alegria, Jabonga and Kitcharao.

Took these photos of Lake Mainit from Mainit town. Pardon the quality – only used my phone for these. It was also almost dusk when I took these. During my visit, I stayed at Mainit Kasili Lakeside Resort and Hotel. You might want to read my review about that.



Believe me, the photos don’t do justice.



Being the social media nut that I am, I shared some of these photos of Lake Mainit via Twitter (follow me on Twitter, folks!) A lot of my followers retweeted them and asked me a couple of questions. Good thing I was subscribed to GoSURF. I suggest you do the same – start with Globe Telecom’s newest postpaid plan, the myLifestyle Plan. On top of the regular data allocation, lifestyle packs of this new plan include unlimited Twitter (!) at Php 199.00 (roughly US $5.00). You’ll really find this useful. In my case, I was able to regularly share photos and updates with all of my valued followers and readers 🙂

So…are you interested to see this natural beauty? Believe me, Lake Mainit is a beauty!

How to get to Mainit Kasili Lakeside Resort and Hotel:

From the Butuan City bus terminal, take a bus going to Surigao. You have to make sure, though, that the bus is NOT a non-stop trip. Make sure that the bus can stop at Barangay Magpayang, Mainit (this is a roadside barangay). You can ask the bus dispatcher to be sure. Also, when you buy your bus ticket, request the driver or conductor to drop you off at the Magpayang junction. From there, you can ride a tricycle going to Mainit Lakeside Resort and Hotel. Fare is Php 10.00 per person. Travel time from Butuan to Magpayang is roughly 2 hours.

Have you visited Lake Mainit? Let me know in the comments section 🙂

Relax at Mapaso Wellness Resort, Mainit, Surigao del Norte
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  • George

    What is the security situation in that area? I’m an Aussie expat living in Panabo City. I know Southern Mindanao is overrun with Muslim extremists, but I also know the NPA is very active in Compostela Valley, parts of Davao del Norte, and parts of Davao Oriental. What about the area around the lake, which is further north?

  • Ian

    Mindanao looks and sound beautiful but why would anyone go there with all the terrorist activity when there are so many fabulous, stunningly beautiful, incredible places, across the whole of the Philippines, where you only encounter the nicest, friendliest and smiling people one could ever hope to meet. I apologise to the massive majority of people on the island of Mindanao as I appreciate that it is only a small minority of wicked people who cause the problems.

  • More lovely during sunrise when you are at Jabongga town side, and sunset when you are at Kitcharao, San Roque side, But large scale mining companies extracting lands in the mountain protecting the lake from the sea would soon destroy the beauty of this lake.

  • dan

    The Caraga Region is located in northeast Mindanao. The unstable areas in the news are generally in the southwest part of this very large island. There are some NPA activitists in the hills. I’m an American and have lived in Butuan for two years traveling around here with not one problem or incident. Lake Mainit is worth a visit but you will have to figure out your own touristic activities if you want to rent a boat or go fishing…but that will be easy enough to do. Also just north of the town of Mainit is a hot spring that is set up for day use…hot sulphur water that gives the lake its name. If you go up over the hills from Jabonga to the Butuan Bay there are some great unspoiled pebble beaches there. But bring your own food…as again its not set up for tourists.

  • I would wish that everyone in this world stop using the epithet for Mindanao as “The land of Promise” Promised what? who promised what to who? A promise which will remain a promise forever?
    It (that epithet) is actually an insult to Mindanao..because it doesn’t do justice to the reality of MIndanao..The proper label should be the “The Blessed Land”..blessed because of its tremendous natural resources,,and the resilience of its people..Mishandled by Manila..
    thank you..

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