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When in CDO: Visit Cogon Night Market

Here’s something you might want to do when you’re in Cagayan de Oro – visit the Cogon Night Market! From buying vegetables to used clothing (“ukay-ukay”), electronics, cellphone cases etc to checking out an entire street full of food cart vendors, the Cogon Night Market in CDO is a bustling destination you might want to check out.

In fact, the local government of Cagayan de Oro has been exerting efforts to turn the Cogon Night Market into a tourist destination of sorts.

My friends and I visited the food market along Guillermo Street and as expected, there was a throng of people as early as 6 PM.

Check out this brief video I made during our visit:

Some fast facts about the Cagayan de Oro Night Market:

  • Vendors aren’t allowed to sell alcoholic drinks/liquor
  • No vehicles are allowed to pass through Guillermo Street
  • “Accredited” vendors will most probably wear their uniform
  • Vendors will start congregating along Guillermo Street as early as 6 PM and will be there until around 10 PM

Some tips when you’re heading to the CDO Cogon Night Market:

  • Parking near the night market may be a challenge so either you arrive early so you can still find available street parking or just commute
  • I didn’t spot any portalets so keep that in mind
  • Always be mindful of your trash/garbage. I spotted some trash cans but you may also want to dispose of your garbage with the help of the food cart vendor
  • Bring alcohol or hand sanitizer. Wear comfortable shoes and always, always be mindful of your personal belongings
  • Bring your appetite!

Of course, have fun and try to bring your family and friends along. Enjoy!

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