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Relax at Mapaso Wellness Spring Resort, Mainit, Surigao del Norte

I realize the title of this blog entry is a bit ironic, considering that “mapaso” means “to get burnt” in Bisaya and “hot” in Surigaonon dialect 🙂 But yes, you can definitely relax at Mapaso Wellness Spring Resort, located some 2 kilometers from the town proper of the Municipality of Mainit, Surigao del Norte.

The Mapaso Spring Resort in Mainit (see how the name of the resort is related to the name of town?) is reminiscent of Ardent Hibok Hibok Spring Resort in Camiguin Island. A natural hot springs resort, Mapaso Wellness Resort boasts of fresh sulfuric flowing water from the mountains. You see, sulfuric water reportedly has therapeutic effects – it can help treat asthma, rheumatism and skin diseases.

It was early afternoon when we traveled from Mainit Lakeside Hotel and Resort to the Mapaso Wellness Resort. The town mayor generously offered to let us use a private pick-up vehicle – which, apparently, was the best decision because it rained the night before and the unpaved road was soft and muddy.


Which reminds me – if you plan to bring a private vehicle, best if it is a 4×4. As far as I could remember, there were sections along the road that were pretty steep.


Entrance fees:

Adult: Php 25
Senior Citizen: Php 20
Children: Php 15

The Mapaso Wellness Resort is a local government run tourist destination and is open from 8am to 5pm everyday.


You can rent one of the cottages there for as low as Php 250.00 If you want to make your stay more exclusive, you can rent certain pools there. Exclusive pool rental rates are Php 500, Php 750 and Php 1,000. The Php 1,000 private pool section is where the warmest water can be found.

Do take note that if no one rented a certain pool, you are free to swim there. That’s what happened during our stay. We were the only visitors at the time so we were free to try each and every pool.



This was the pool where I frequented. It was about 3 feet deep. Perfect for those who just want to wade or submerge under the lukewarm sulfuric water.





One of the pools that you can exclusively rent. Notice that there are also benches around the pool. I also noticed some tables. By the way, can you see the rust color of the pool wall? That’s the effect of the presence of sulfur in the water.



There are stalls where you can change. I highly suggest that you also take a quick shower to close the pores of your skin. Hot sulfuric water can open your skin pores. Clean cold water can help close them 🙂

When we went to Mapaso Spring Resort, we brought our own food and drinks. I don’t remember seeing a store near the resort.

Interested to visit this wellness resort in Surigao? You may want to check my blog entry about the lovely Lake Mainit, which we visited before we went to Mapaso Wellness Spring Resort. Or you may follow the tips below:

From the Butuan City bus terminal, take a bus going to Surigao. You have to make sure, though, that the bus is NOT a non-stop trip. Make sure that the bus can stop at Barangay Magpayang, Mainit (this is a roadside barangay). You can ask the bus dispatcher to be sure. Also, when you buy your bus ticket, request the driver or conductor to drop you off at the Magpayang junction. From the Magpayang junction, you can hire a habal-habal driver to take you to Mapaso. According to other bloggers who’ve been to the resort and rode the habal-habal, roundtrip fare is about Php 50 per person. A habal-habal can usually carry 4 passengers.

Want to stay in Mainit? You may want to try staying at Mainit Kasili Resort.

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