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Going on a zipline adventure? Here’s a guide on what to bring and wear

Zipline parks are now mushrooming all over Mindanao (and the rest of the country). Truth be told, a zipline is now also fast becoming part of the norm for adventure or extreme sports parks.

In Mindanao alone, we have Asia’s longest dual cable zipline and the longest speed zipline in Asia. The longest dual cable zipline in Asia is found in Bukidnon while the longest speed zipline in Asia is in Davao City.

This blogger in Mindanao has personally tried both ziplines and in an effort to help other thrill seekers, I’m sharing a simple guide on what to wear and what to bring if you choose to have a zipline adventure real soon.

But first – allow me to share with you again this checklist that I found over at Dahilayan Adventure Park ZipZone – the home of the longest dual cable zipline in all of Asia:

bukidnon zipline tips

Now on to Mindanaoan’s tips on what to bring and what to wear on a zipline adventure:

1. Wear comfortable clothes and bring an extra shirt (or jacket), if possible. Your zipline experience will be more fun if you feel comfortable. The extra shirt (or jacket) will come in handy just in case it rains or it gets too chilly during your zipline ride.

2. Avoid wearing flipflops or slippers. Rubber shoes or any type of closed shoes would be more appropriate. Should you opt to wear sandals, make sure that they can be strapped on. You wouldn’t want to lose your footwear during the zipline flight, would you?

3. Zipline riders with long hair should keep their hair in a ponytail. During our Bukidnon zipline adventure, we were advised to keep our hair in a ponytail and keep our tresses under the helmet.

4. Avoid wearing earrings and other pieces of jewelry especially the dangly ones.

5. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink water or better yet, a sports drink that can help replenish electrolytes.

If you have other tips, please feel free to leave a comment here and let’s keep this list growing 🙂

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