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Eyelash extensions now a big hit in the Philippines | My eyelash extensions

Ever heard of eyelash extensions? These are different from fake eyelashes, mind you. Eyelash extensions add thickness, length and fullness to natural eyelashes. Compared to fake eyelashes, eyelash extensions appear more “natural.” The synthetic single fiber polyester thread-like materials are applied lash by lash (compared to fake eyelashes where an entire strip of lashes are glued to one’s eyelid) and eyelash extensions are usually semi-permanent.

These days, eyelash extension salons are sprouting like mushrooms all over Manila. Although no eyelash extension shop has opened in Mindanao (yet), I bet one will open very soon.

So here’s the deal…one of the things that I treated myself with during my most recent trip to Manila was…well, you guessed that right…getting eyelash extensions! This blogger from Mindanao got so curious with this type of service that I thought I should really give it a try…and well, blog about the whole thing afterwards 😀

I got my eyelash extensions at the SM Megamall branch of Lavish Lashes eyelash extension shop. They offer several types of extensions. The basic one is P550.00 (100 lashes), the glamour look is P800.00 and so on and so forth. I opted for the glamour look (180 lashes). They also have black, brown and even purple and other colored lashes available.

Here’s a before the eyelash extensions photo of my eyes:

before eyelash extensions

Check out a photo that I took right after the application of my eyelash extensions: (the attendant placed volume 12 extensions on my natural lashes)

eyelash extensions after photo

Pretty dramatic or what? (please excuse the dark circles under my eyes. I have yet to catch up on sleep ever since the May 2010 election campaigns started!)

The entire service lasted for about an hour. THE EYELASH EXTENSION SERVICE WAS PAINLESS.

I was made to lie on a recliner and was requested to close my eyes during the entire time. Anti-wrinkle strips will be placed around your eyes. The Lavish Lashes attendant will then place the eyelash extensions lash per lash.

After the session, I was briefed with reminders on what to do in order to take care of the eyelash extensions. The lashes should not have any contact with water for at least 24 hours, no sauna or swimming for at least 2 days and you can’t rub or pull the eyelash extensions. If you feel any irritation or if you have certain allergies that may act up during or after the session, it’s suggested that you have the extensions taken off. Lavish Lashes charges P200.00 for eyelash extension removal.

My eyelash extensions will last for 2-6 weeks, by the way. Touch ups at Lavish Lashes are recommended every 2 weeks. Charge is P200.00

Actually, eyelash extensions aren’t new. Eyelash extensions have been around since the late 1990s and celebrities, models and other Hollywood A-listers use these. Eyelash extensions are worn by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Lindsay Lohan, Gwen Stefani and Liz Hurley.

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