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Conquering the Xcelerator – the longest speed zip line in Asia

MINDANAO – A few weeks ago, my family and I celebrated our brother‘s birthday by trying the most talked about Xcelerator over at Outland Adventure, Davao City, Mindanao. The Outland Adventure Xcelerator is said to be the longest speed zip line in all of Asia! Cool, right?

We arrived at Outland Adventure Davao City half an hour before noon. As it turned out, we missed the “cut-off” time so we had to wait until they re-opened at roughly 1:30 pm. The more than an hour wait was all right — we just kept ourselves busy taking photos.

By 1:30 pm, all of the “zip liners” for the afternoon were asked to sign waivers. Then we proceeded to the area where we put on the harnesses, helmets and other safety gear. My brothers and I were made to choose if we wanted the “Superman” option or the ordinary glide option. Of course, all of us chose the “Superman” option! 😀

outland adventure xcelerator (photo by

We then walked a few minutes towards the river (yup, nature tripping talaga!). We then crossed the river aboard a raft and then hiked for about 10 minutes. It was an uphill hike, by the way, so should you feel that it’s best to bring a bottle of water, do so! (Just don’t forget to dispose of the empty water bottle properly and not just leave it at the base point)

uphill climb xcelerator outland adventure davao city (photo by

Here’s a shot Mindanaoan took from the base point:

Xcelerator base point (photo by

And yes, we did experience atmosFEAR — the entire adventure was worth every penny and definitely fun filled!

Do try the Xcelerator at Outland Adventure Davao City very soon. It’s open everyday from 8am to 5 pm. Groups reservations available for weekdays.

Fee is P300.00 per adult. They grant a 50 percent discount for small children if they’re riding in tandem with an adult.

Outland Adventure is right across the GAP Farm along the Diversion Road in Ma-a, Davao City, Mindanao. Here’s a photo Mindanaoan took of their signage along the Diversion Road:

Xcelerator at Outland Adventure Davao City, Mindanao (photo by


Also, here’s a short video clip of my brother enjoying his Xcelerator adventure:

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