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Investigative journalism seminar for Mindanao bloggers, journalists, citizen media

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) is inviting Mindanao bloggers, citizen media and journalists to an investigative reporting seminar. This PCIJ investigative reporting seminar will touch on political clans, governance and journalists’ safety.

This seminar is open to mid-career and senior Filipino journalists, citizen media, bloggers, researchers, anchors, producers, news managers, editors, contributors, freelance reporters, stringers of print, TV, radio and online media. Mindanao bloggers covering public policy issues are also eligible.

Application deadline: June 10, 2013.

This PCIJ investigative reporting seminar will be held on July 25 to 28, 2013.

Seminar topics include:

• Media Killings, Political Violence, and Impunity in the Philippines

• Political Clans: Past and Future Links

• The Government’s Purse: Tracking the State’s Resources

• Ethics and Safety: Field and Newsroom Judgment Calls

• The Fundamentals of Investigative Reporting

• Tracking the Investigative Trails

– The Paper Trail: Understanding, Connecting, and Organizing Documents and

– The People Trail: The Art of the Interview

• Putting the Story Together (for print, broadcast, and multimedia)

Qualified participants will receive round-trip transportation, board and lodging during the seminar. PCIJ will also provide a modest fellowship grant for story proposals that will be approved during or immediately after the seminar.

Interested applicants can send their applications via email. Please write to [email protected] Please state ‘Application to Basic IR Seminar’ on the subject line. For further inquiries, please call the PCIJ Training Desk at (02) 410-4768

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