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Honored to be elected as the new CDO Bloggers President 2023

I’m very excited and humbled to share that I have been elected as the NEW PRESIDENT of the Cagayan de Oro Bloggers Network or CDO Bloggers, a 14-year old organization (yep, OG!) that’s home to many award-winning and internationally-recognized bloggers, vloggers, influencers, social media practitioners and content creators.

The election of officers/annual general membership meeting/Christmas party was held at The Cistern, Xavier Sports and Country Club, Masterson Avenue, Cagayan de Oro. I recommend the venue for small and intimate events, by the way!

Here’s the list of the 2023 CDO Bloggers Officers:

President – Maria Irene Aserios of – Mindanaoan Meets World

VP for Membership – Chen Siwagan of Laag & More w/ Awesome ChenS

VP for Events – Irene Dayo of Blog by Irene Dayo

VP for Social Media – Karen Chayne Sanchez of CDO Lifestyle

Secretary – Johanns Cordita of Sightseer Pinay

Treasurer – Marie Therese Teves-Orteza of Cookie’s Corner

Auditor- LavLav Ferolino of Lav Vlogs

Get to know more about the CDO Bloggers officers for 2023 here

As for me, please allow me to toot my own horn a little bit. I’m a multi-awarded blogger (my blog is currently #3 on the Top New York Blogs list; my other multiple awards can be found here), social media specialist, vlogger, content creator and practising publicist (I own and manage a public relations and social media agency that’s based in Mindanao and has a branch in New York and some of my clients are incumbent national and local politicians, restaurants, hotels, small businesses etc). I have been re-elected as Director of the Creator and Influencer Council of the Philippines. I was declared the Mindanao Blogger of the Year 2013. I am a USA-trained and work experienced Social Media Manager (I worked in New York City). I was granted an O1 Visa (it’s for people with extraordinary abilities) and I was a Fellow of the International Visitor Leadership Program of the US State Department (this one’s a really special program because embassies around the world conduct the nominations, you can’t apply for the IVLP program).

I discuss more about myself in the About section 🙂

As the new CDO Bloggers President, please allow me to share these:

Without a doubt, there are more and more bloggers/vloggers/influencers/content creators these days. In fact, many social media platforms have made it easier for just about anybody and their grandmother to be digital creators! With that, however, comes great responsibility, too. We are aware of our duty especially in spreading only factual and proper information and we are each other’s checkers.

Trust that the CDO Bloggers Network is a reliable community partner. We love helping by promoting and patronizing brands, events, personalities, establishments etc. We love helping by spreading factual, proper and timely information. As passe as this may sound, doing this is our passion, our calling, our joy.

Additionally, I would also like to emphasize that our organization welcomes EVERYONE. Ergo, if you’re a budding blogger/vlogger/influencer/content creator or if you want to learn or if you just want to expand your horizons, then please feel free to join us!

Everyone is welcome. This means that regardless of your subscriber count, your number of followers, your years of being a creator etc, YOU ARE WELCOME to the CDO Bloggers Network. We’ll welcome you with open arms! We do not and will never discriminate because, truth be told — all of us started at zero. However, because the organization has become a welcoming home for us and the support system is lit, all of us at the organization have found our own footing and developed our own followers.

Lastly, the CDO Bloggers will continue doing only what is right, respectful and responsible for the community, our fellow bloggers/vloggers/influencers/content creators and our valued audience.

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