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Investigative journalism seminar for Mindanao bloggers, journalists, citizen media

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The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) is inviting Mindanao bloggers, citizen media and journalists to an investigative reporting seminar. This PCIJ investigative reporting seminar will touch on political clans, governance and journalists' safety. This seminar is open to mid-career and senior Filipino journalists, citizen media, bloggers, researchers, anchors, producers, news managers, editors, contributors, freelance reporters, stringers of print, TV, radio and online media. Mindanao bloggers covering public policy issues are also eligible. Application deadline: June 10, 2013. This PCIJ investigative reporting seminar will be held on July 25 to 28, 2013. Seminar topics include: • Media Killings, Political Violence, and Impunity in the Philippines •...

From Mindanao media to PNoy’s communications group – an appeal

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So it's somehow final now. The Office of the Press Secretary is no longer. New Philippine President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III or PNoy will reorganize it and will rename it to the Presidential Communications Office. The latest buzz is that ANC broadcaster Ricky Carandang and "The Explainer" Manolo Quezon III will join the communications team and will play vital roles. I am, quite frankly, happy to know that Carandang and Quezon will be part of the team. For sure, these brilliant minds will bring with them their years of experience and they will definitely be fab assets to the Aquino administration. No doubt about that. My concern, therefore, is more about the treatment towards Mindanao journalists now that Aquino has made it clear that the public is his "BOSS" and now that he has tw...

Probe Media Foundation invites Mindanao journalists to UNICEF-funded fellowship

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Mindanaoan recently received an email from Ms. Yasmin Mapua-Tang, Executive Director of the Probe Media Foundation, Inc. She's inviting all Mindanao journalists to apply for the Mindanao Media Fellowship: Reporting on Children. Just a little background --- I had the privilege to attend one of Probe Media Foundation's trainings a few years ago. (I met Ms. Yasmin and she was a very familiar face --- I later realized that she was one of the reporters of Probe not so long ago :) ) It was a training on how to face the media, how to deal with the media, how to answer questions from the media etc. Our speaker for that one-day affair was no other than Ms. Cheche Lazaro, one of the very few media practitioners I so admire. Anyways, here's a snippet of Ms. Yasmin's message: Greetings from the...
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