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Meet Lola Techie at the Teach Lola event, NCCC Mall Davao City

Most, if not all, of us know who Lola Techie is, yes? Lola Techie is that Internet-savvy grandma who we all admire. Check out this cute and funny video of her talking to her apo (and warning him that she’ll “drop kick” him if he doesn’t poke back LOL) over the Internet:

Here’s a more recent video of Lola Techie standing her ground against Cherie Gil (first watched this during the 17th National PR Congress, which I attended):

Undoubtedly, Lola Techie has endeared herself to a lot of people all over the country. Why, she has a lot of fans (including me 😉 ) I actually saw her during the 17th National Public Relations Congress but unfortunately didn’t have the chance to talk to her or have a photo taken with her. But ah…I may have the chance to do so real soon 😉

For fellow fans and Dabawenyos like myself, I have good news for you! Lola Techie will visit Davao City!

She will grace the Teach Lola event on October 29, 2010, 9am to 7pm at NCCC Mall, Ma-a, Davao City.

This is your chance to bring your dear grandparents along. Your lolo and lola can attend sessions where they will learn how to use the Internet, how to create an email account and how to even open a Facebook account!

How cool is that?

You as well as your lolo and lola will also be taught how you can catch back episodes of your favorite ABS-CBN teleseryes via Bayan’s iWanTV!

This Teach Lola event in Davao City Mindanao is brought to you by Bayan Telecommunications.

See you all at NCCC Mall! Bring your laptops as there will be FREE Wi-Fi at the venue!

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