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Hot Tips for Hiring a Pop Band for a Special Event

Choosing the appropriate live dance band for your event may make or break it. Your guests will be dancing to the music all night long if you choose the perfect live dance band, and your event will be one to remember. Finding the appropriate dancing band necessitates more than just musical taste; it also necessitates a skill for anticipating what your guests will enjoy and dance to. You may be a major Thad Jones/Mel Lewis lover, but if your guests can’t dance to jazz, the dancing portion of the event could be a flop. Read on for tips for hiring a pop band for a special event. 

Music Genre

When considering hiring a live band, it’s critical to select the ideal musicians for the project. Consider what type of music would be appropriate for the occasion you’re hosting. A corporate gathering may demand music that is not the same as a wedding. Consider the guests who will be attending – their age range, as well as the ratio of males to females, will all influence the kind of music that will be necessary. You can also talk to the bandleader about it and get their advice. Some bands specialize, such as a disco band from the 1970s or an electro-pop band from the 1980s like Tommy Tutone. Some bands choose to be versatile and perform in a variety of styles, including 1940s jazz and ballroom dances, 1950s to today’s pop music, folk music, and even a ceilidh set or two.


Make sure to inquire about the equipment that is included in the pricing of your band. Some bands will need you to hire a separate AV business to offer adequate PA and lighting, whereas the majority of bands should be able to supply adequate PA. Because not all bands supply illumination, be sure to inquire. Make sure that lighting is included in the quote because it truly transforms the evening. For larger bands, quotes usually include a thorough state-of-the-art PA system as well as a sound engineer. Make sure they can provide PAT testing to ensure their equipment is in good working order and won’t cause a fire at the site!

Time Frame

Bands typically perform for about two hours. In your event plan, specify when you want the music to begin and when you want it to end. If you have any speeches or other stage events planned, please be sure to include them in your schedule. Making this plan will assist you in finding a band that will meet your event’s requirements. It’s important speaking with the band personally if you have any particular requests (for example, if you want two 1h sets). Some people are more adaptable than others.

Consider previous clients’ feedback or request references to assist you in deciding whether or not to hire a band and whether or not they would be appropriate for your event. A second opinion is always beneficial, and it may open your eyes to possibilities you hadn’t considered before. A professional band should be able to dress appropriately for any occasion, whether formal, casual, or even a costume party. Because they are a big element of the entertainment and will be a focal point, it is critical that their appearance matches the party’s theme or feel.

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