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The ‘Sleeping Dinosaur’ in Mati, Davao Oriental

The Sleeping Dinosaur is a popular tourist destination in Mati, Davao Oriental, known for its picturesque view resembling a sleeping dinosaur. This natural landmark is part of Pujada Island and offers stunning vistas of the coastline and the surrounding waters.

Contrary to popular belief, however, the Sleeping Dinosaur isn’t an island. It is a promontory – an area of land sticking out into the sea. Check out this photo I took from the viewing deck:


I went to Mati primarily to visit Dahican, one of its barangays. Dahican is super popular among skimboarders and surfers alike. However, even non-surfers can still enjoy the almost 2 kilometer stretch of fine white sand beach and that’s basically what I did during my stay.

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The Sleeping Dinosaur viewing deck, by the way, is hard to miss. The viewing deck is just along the highway (on your right when you enter Mati) and, chances are, there will be a flock of people there when you arrive. Follow me on TikTok to see my quick Mati videos!

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