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Eyelash extensions now a big hit in the Philippines | My eyelash extensions

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Ever heard of eyelash extensions? These are different from fake eyelashes, mind you. Eyelash extensions add thickness, length and fullness to natural eyelashes. Compared to fake eyelashes, eyelash extensions appear more "natural." The synthetic single fiber polyester thread-like materials are applied lash by lash (compared to fake eyelashes where an entire strip of lashes are glued to one's eyelid) and eyelash extensions are usually semi-permanent. These days, eyelash extension salons are sprouting like mushrooms all over Manila. Although no eyelash extension shop has opened in Mindanao (yet), I bet one will open very soon. So here's the of the things that I treated myself with during my most recent trip to Manila was...well, you guessed that right...getting eyelash extens...
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