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A Mindanaoan blog worth checking out – Ganda Ever So Much!

One of the things that this blogger in Mindanao loves about blogging is the fact that I get to meet other people who are as passionate about writing and sharing stuff as I am. Through blogs and activities related to blogging such as blog camps, bloggers day, bloggers summits, and online media briefings, I get to meet not only virtual friends but interesting people and friends in real life.

Take the case of a fellow Mindanaoan named Orman who’s behind a Mindanaoan blog that’s worth checking out –!

I first learned about Ganda Ever So Much through Avel, the man behind the award-winning Bariles Republic. Avel and Orman are brothers. I’ve been visiting Bariles Republic/ a few times before and I’ve been noticing Orman’s name. He didn’t have a blog then but he often was, as expected, the top commenter in his Kuya Avel’s blog. I also noticed that not a few prodded him to start his own blog. Eventually, he heeded the call and started – just in time for the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 3, where I was one of the volunteer-organizers and the business I own was one of the sponsors.

From the get-go, I knew somehow that Orman’s blog will be an interesting one. The very first entry I read was his moment with Sir Adel and by that entry alone, Orman indeed delivered! It was fun to read.

Fast forward election campaign season 2010. My business was tapped to handle publicity and media affairs for several national candidates. However, I did not forget a promise I made to Sir Adel (which I made right after MBS3) – that should he decide to pursue his senatorial bid, I will be one of his volunteers. And so as a volunteer, I handled the public relations and media affairs for Atty. Adel Tamano’s senatorial campaign. A huge task with hardly any budget, one that came with great expectations from a lot of people and one that basically relied on connections, goodwill and generosity.

That belief that there still really are nice and generous people left in this world was put to a test when Sir Adel and I visited General Santos City – Avel and Orman’s lair. Remember – we didn’t have much money to spend, we hardly knew anybody in the area…how in the world was I supposed to fill Sir Adel’s day in GenSan?

But ah…I had Orman and Avel…and that was all I had to know.

GandaEverSoMuch, along with his brother, so selflessly helped me and Sir Adel. When Sir Adel and I visited General Santos City during the 2010 campaign season, we were so warmly welcomed and we immediately had a full, fun-filled day! GandaEverSoMuch introduced us to the Gaisanos, to the owner of Grab-A-Crab (Sir Adel’s most favorite restaurant in GenSan, by the way!) and helped me organize a bloggers night cum tete-a-tete with Sir Adel (which my bedimpled principal enjoyed a whole lot – just check out Orman’s account of what happened!) We also even managed to join a bangkarera race (!) and visit the Team Pacquiao store. Our entire stay in General Santos City was so fab that Sir Adel bought Pacquiao shirts for Orman and Avel – small tokens of deep, wholehearted appreciation for their generosity and kindness.

Really, what Orman and Avel did warmed my heart so much that I knew I found two new friends.

Let me emphasize, however, that I don’t just visit because I appreciate what Orman did for me and Sir Adel. More than that, I visit this blog because Orman writes from the heart. His style of writing is witty, sharp and funny. His topics appeal to many. From the heartbroken to the optimists; from the young to the young-at-heart. is a breath of fresh air.

I won’t get tired of visiting this blog because it mirrors the real Orman. And these days, being real – whether online or offline – can be quite a rarity.

Incidentally, is celebrating its first blog anniversary!

Ganda Ever So Much!

Help Orman celebrate by joining his blogversary contest here or you can also make him smile by subscribing here.

Happy blog anniversary to Ganda Ever So Much! Happy anniversary to you, Orman! May your (digital) pen always be filled and may you always have the inspiration to write.

Sending only good vibes your way!

p.s. And may I just quickly add – I absolutely adore and respect the love shared between Orman and Avel. Nothing beats brotherly love! I especially love the fact that Orman supports his brother and doesn’t hesitate to show it and share it to the rest of the world through his blog. If only for that (younger siblings loving and respecting their kuyas), is definitely worth your time 🙂

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