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Visiting the Team Pacquiao by Manny Pacquiao store in General Santos City Mindanao

More often than not, anybody who gets to visit General Santos City, Mindanao for the first time has this question: where can we find Pambansang Kamao Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and is there any place where we can buy Pacquiao souvenirs? Well, for die hard Manny Pacquiao fans, fret no more!

During Mindanaoan’s most recent visit to the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, she finally had the chance to visit the Team Pacquiao by Manny Pacquiao store in Robinson’s GenSan! The Team Pacquiao store, located at the Ground Floor of the said General Santos City mall, sells a wide array of souvenir and gift items – from Manny Pacquiao shirts to Team Pacquiao jackets to pretty notebooks to Pacquiao keychains and Pacman lanyards!

team pacquiao store in general santos city

Here’s the ultra cool black Manny Pacquiao shirt that was bought for me (see the paper bag? Even that is cool enough to be saved and considered a souvenir 🙂 )

manny pacquiao shirt

What about YOU? Have you visited the Team Pacquiao store? What did you buy there?

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  • Raymond Patterson

    l would like to find something from Manny here in Cagayan d’oro.l am British and am begging on the streets here.Manny keeps me going.09351330935

  • cameron

    this Raymond Patterson is a Lazy person and is able to work but to lazy, he begs for his drinking habit. we tried so hard to help this person but at the end he didnt want to change because begging is more simple than working. as he said. i feel sorry for the people that give him money because he is a guy that will use all the tricks to get something out of you sad on Raymond Patterson. A selfish Man.

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