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Clean low cost electricity in Philippines? Yes!

I have so much respect for people and organizations that champion alternative sources of energy for clean and reliable electrical power production!

Currently, we depend largely on hydropower plants. Some electric cooperatives also use several solar panels to augment their sources of energy (Cagayan de Oro’s CEPALCO has a solar panel area) and we all know about the Bangui Wind Farm in Ilocos Norte.

But what about production of electricity without doing much harm to the environment? What about affordable electricity brought about by alternative-energy technologies? Gasification is a solution! Gasification is a process of converting organic or carbon-containing matter into synthetic gas or syngas which could be used to generate electricity. I’m particularly interested with this because we have solid waste areas around the country and this is a great way to convert that to energy! Gasification is even a cleaner alternative to incineration.

Check out how gasification works:

Gasification technology also efficiently produces electrical power with nearly zero emissions! How’s that for caring for Mother Earth?

Good thing there’s now a science-driven company based in Asia that’s set to make waves in helping provide low-cost electricity. Singapore-based NRGLab Pte. Ltd. is now capable of producing environmentally friendly generators – which are more efficient and definitely less expensive. NRGLab uses new and modified technologies to process coal, natural gas, rice husk and even APG into fuel. This results in lower costs.

Read more about the NRGLab Gasification Program and support their gasification project by sharing this post! These guys have a program that, in my opinion, Philippine government leaders, businessmen and non-government organizations should look into.

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