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Perks of Living in Mindanao

If you listen to the news on Mindanao, the most likely reaction is that you’ll hesitate to come here. Much less choose to live here. But given the direness of the news on the peace and order situation here, have you ever wondered if there are perks to living in Mindanao? Actually, what’s so terrible in the news is merely a microcosm of Mindanao society. Given the largeness of the island and the number of regions, cities, and cultures that are found in Mindanao, you might want to take the news with a grain of salt the next time.

Mindanao is generally a peaceful place. The members of the populace are satisfied with their lives, and commerce and trade are smoothly moving along. The economics show a due representation from the filthy rich to poverty level poor, but people manage to get by. This is primarily because resources in Mindanao are still aplenty, are not as scarce as in the Luzon or Visayas areas, and are easily available to everyone at affordable rates.

The commerce is brisk with trades from other Asian nations coming in from the south. And as natural wonders are judiciously turned to Mindanao tourist spots, the island’s economy is boosted by tourism from both the locals and foreigners who visit these places. Given the terrain and climate of the regions, agriculture is still the primary source of income. From the big landlords to private backyard plots, there is always an opportunity to market agricultural products or maintain it for one’s consumption.

Living in Mindanao also offers an opportunity for one to choose whether they’d like the small town milieu or the big city hustle. The major cities in Mindanao can provide one with the necessary trappings of stress, traffic, and overworked employees in constant flux. What’s great about the Mindanao set-up is should you feel that your head’s under water, you can easily de-stress with a thirty minute to two hour drive to the nearest beach or mountain resort of your choice. People even manage to straddle both worlds well enough by going home to the mountains or suburbia, while pursuing their education and career in the cities.

If you’re one to dream big, there are several opportunities that can be found in island. The universities and colleges in Mindanao have produced credible individuals who make it in multinational companies in Cebu, Manila, and even outside of the country. Should you choose to stay, there are still jobs in Mindanao that are as huge a responsibilities those in the metro areas.

Living in Mindanao is an idyllic set-up. You have access to first world information on lifestyle, technology, fashion, and perspectives while you work on it in your stomping grounds. The culture of each region provides a dynamism that will never bore as you conduct your business in island, and this diversity spills over to every other interaction.

Given the very nature of these different Philippine sub-cultures and the traditions they practice, living in Mindanao will never be a rut. You will always have activities to attend; festivals to watch; places to find, visit, or restore; and a fine mix of country and city challenges and relaxation spots to engage in.

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