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Golden Cowrie restaurant at Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro

Finally had the chance to treat my mom and brothers to the newly opened Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant located at the Rosario Arcade, Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao. This Golden Cowrie CDO branch is a franchise and the first outside Cebu, where Golden Cowrie started in 1982.

I’m actually a regular customer at the original Golden Cowrie restaurant along Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City (just a few blocks away from Waterfront Lahug) and I often bring my PR clients there for meetings or small press conferences. In fact, a few weeks before the May 2010 elections, I organized mini press briefings there for three senatorial candidates (all of whom were my clients — I provided public relations, events, media and marketing services to them).

Anyways, going back to the Golden Cowrie CDO branch – my mom, brothers and I had our Sunday lunch there. We weren’t able to get a table right away since the place was packed. So it took a few minutes before we were seated. Normally, I hate waiting but the reasonably priced delicious fare at Golden Cowrie’s enough to convince me to stay put and put my patience cap on.

I ordered imbao soup – one of my favorites!

Then of course Bicol Express is a must-have.

My mom ordered baked tahong. One of my brothers ordered grilled malasugue. I also ordered fish basket, kare-kare (this is really good!) and gambas.

This green mango with dilis is also a must-try!

I must say, the meals at Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant Limketkai Center Cagayan de Oro City are cooked with fresh ingredients and are all very delicious. So if you’re a regular Golden Cowrie Cebu customer, expect the same quality of food at their CDO branch. (I’m guessing the CDO franchisees hired a Cebu branch cook?)

I guess the downsides of the CDO branch are the small space (the second floor can probably double as a small function room but only good for about 20 people) and the unisex washroom (I don’t mind this at all but I do know that there are customers who require separate washrooms for females) I overheard a customer remark that he found some of the restaurant’s decors weird (particularly the lights covered by giant “puso” or hanging rice or rice in a coconut leaf pouch) but hey, to each his own. Anyway, you don’t go to Golden Cowrie for the decors. You go there because you know that you’ll be served with good food at reasonable prices.

And to whoever owns Golden Cowrie (Cebu or CDO), may I get a loyalty card or something? 😀

* all photos here courtesy of Golden Cowrie’s official website

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