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Vehicle owners will love these freebies at S&R Tire Center (I sure did!)

Just a few weeks ago, the tires of my vehicle finally gave in and had to be replaced. I only had one tire installation center in my mind – S&R Membership Shopping. Now, I know you may think — S&R? Of all places? YEP. And it was the best decision! Let me tell you why.

So I went to S&R Cagayan de Oro and went to their tire installation center, which was located at the back of their facility (parking area). I consulted their friendly staff member and he checked my vehicle and told me the kind of tires I needed. He checked their inventory and told me they had some in stock. Then, I proceeded to pay for the tires at the cashier inside the store, presented the receipt to the staff and was told to wait for about an hour.

I had the option to wait at the installation area while they worked on my car but I was also allowed to just come back after an hour or so. I took that as a good excuse to have my favorite S&R pepperoni pizza, clam chowder and pistachio ice cream!

So exactly why did I choose S&R? Because I SAVED A WHOLE LOT! I availed of these amazing freebies:

  • FREE mounting and installation
  • FREE valves and weights
  • FREE nitrogen tire inflation
  • FREE balancing and wheel weights
  • FREE flat tire repairs (just keep your receipt and you can always avail of these freebies as long as you are an S&R member!)

That’s well over Php 2,000 in savings! And you can be sure I will save more because as long as I keep that receipt and my S&R membership, I can avail of the services for free.

I don’t know about you but for a value-conscious driver like myself, I appreciate just about any savings I can get. Here’s a TikTok I made about my happy purchase and I hope this can help you, too!


Save a LOT when you buy car tires at S&R Membership Shopping! I recently had my #cartires changed and I availed of amazing #freebies – FREE mounting and installation, valves, nitrogen tire inflation as well as balancing and wheel weights. That’s well over Php 2K in savings! I also like their efficient, friendly staff and although I can wait while they worked on my car, I was also allowed to just come back after an hour or so. That was a great excuse to have my favorite S&R pepperoni pizza, clam chowder and ice cream while I waited ? At S&R, not only do we get world-class products, we also enjoy savings and top-notch service ? #snrcdo #snrmembership #fyp #shopping #cartirechanging #tireinstallation #cagayandeorocity #cdotiktokers #snreveryday #lovesnr #fyp? #mindanaoan

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