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Forever 21 Manila Philippines – my initial loot

Well, it basically took “forever” but the wait is finally over! (Hey, how’s that for a rhyme? :D) Forever 21, a popular retail chain, opened its first Philippine branch over at SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City last July. Sadly, I wasn’t in Manila when the Forever 21 Manila branch opened and I also didn’t have the chance to visit it even if I was there last August. Ugh.

But well, I was back in Manila for Wordcamp Philippines 2010 and yes, I allocated an entire afternoon just to visit the store (finally!). That was how determined I was to snag at least a few pretty finds! LOL. Besides, it was the afternoon before the big John Mayer Live In Manila gig and I wanted to wear something special! Good thing my fellow bloggers Venus, Jacq and Cherry decided to join me in my quest to scour all of the 2,700 square meters that’s Forever 21!

Forever 21 Manila facade

* The Forever 21 Philippines branch facade – photo courtesy of Jacqs

The store is H-U-G-E!

Actually, after roaming around the store for about 5 minutes, I realized that an entire afternoon may not even be enough for you to check out all of the stuff for sale! There are just so many items to choose from and the prices aren’t so bad. T-shirts are sold for as low as P150.00, fabulous boots can go for roughly P2,000, “boyfriend shirts” can be bought for P600.00 and accessories can start at around P200.00

So want to see what I managed to buy in about three hours’ time?

Forever 21 floral trim tunic. I’m a big fan of black tops and I like the details of this one 🙂

Forever 21 floral trim tunic

Jewel trim sequin top. A see-through mesh top featuring a sleeveless construction with a gathered back design. Pretty thing to wear during Friday nights out with girlfriends!

Forever 21 sequin topI also bought two more tops (one of which I wore during the John Mayer concert!)

As for accessories, this rhinestone shimmer bracelet grabbed my attention. Found this at the Forever 21 Manila branch accessories section. It’s a large faceted rhinestone bracelet on elastic. Polished metal finish.

Forever 21 Rhinestone Bracelet

I also bought three rhinestone-studded bangles. I’ve been wearing them for the past few days.

And oh yeah, I wore all these rhinestone bangles and bracelet during the John Mayer Live in Manila concert 🙂

This butterfly locket pendant (which also came with a silver necklace) features a full-working heart-shaped locket and a rhinestone-encrusted butterfly. Never fails to attract attention 🙂

forever 21 butterfly pendant locket

I know my loot isn’t much but this is just the initial batch — I will definitely shop again at Forever 21 Manila when I fly back next month.

What do you think of my finds? 🙂

Also, have you been to Forever 21? Do share your F21 experience! What did you buy? 🙂

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