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John Mayer Live In Manila – that oh-so-wonderful experience!

This is a follow-up to my earlier post! John Mayer Live In Manila. October 1, 2010. SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. It was one memorable date I will never forget. Firstly, because it was THE John Mayer…the love of my life! Secondly, because the entire country has waited for this moment for years (and a few months more…especially after this gig was postponed from May to October!). And thirdly, because I’ve never attended a concert in the middle of a typhoon! (But what the heck – it was John Mayer for chrissakes!)

So my gal pal Crissa and I arrived at the concert venue just in time (and I mean REALLY JUST IN TIME!) for John’s very first song. I was clad in my newly bought Forever 21 top, walking shorts, Rudy Project biker jacket and ever dependable Fitflops (I know, it wasn’t the world’s best get-up but I was in town only for that concert and for Wordcamp Philippines 2010! Cut me some slack, will ya? :P) and I brought along my Flip Mino HD, my Nikon D40, my Blackberry and my Panasonic Lumix! Yup, I was ready for war!

john mayer live in manila

* John Mayer Live In Manila – photo taken with a Lumix cam*

It was raining so hard that time but we didn’t care! We were bent on attending the concert despite torrential rains! Truth be told, just to be in the same radius as John Mayer was was enough consolation for Crissa and I 😀

And our rendezvous under the heavy rains paid off — John Clayton Mayer is such a cutie! No wonder he’s a chick magnet – with the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson lang naman as ex-girlfriends!

John Mayer is such a sexy, wonderful performer and his songs can pierce right through you, you know what I mean?

John mayer live in manila | photo by

*Copyright – Irene |*

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As expected, the crowd went wild when he sang “Your Body Is A Wonderland,” “Gravity” and “Heartbreak Warfare.” (my latest favorite song!)

john mayer live in manila philippines | photo by

He also sang “Vultures,” “Who Says,” “Why Georgia” and the uber sexy “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” (which has been playing in my head over and over! Mega LSS!)

john mayer philippines |

Save for the rude guys at the entrance area, my date with John Mayer was a fun, beautiful and memorable one!

And to you, dear John Mayer, thank you for coming to the Philippines and I hope you visit us again! Continue making music that will inspire us and the generations to come!

And oh yeah — PLEASE MARRY ME!!! 😀

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