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Probe Media Foundation invites Mindanao journalists to UNICEF-funded fellowship

Mindanaoan recently received an email from Ms. Yasmin Mapua-Tang, Executive Director of the Probe Media Foundation, Inc. She’s inviting all Mindanao journalists to apply for the Mindanao Media Fellowship: Reporting on Children.

Just a little background — I had the privilege to attend one of Probe Media Foundation’s trainings a few years ago. (I met Ms. Yasmin and she was a very familiar face — I later realized that she was one of the reporters of Probe not so long ago 🙂 ) It was a training on how to face the media, how to deal with the media, how to answer questions from the media etc. Our speaker for that one-day affair was no other than Ms. Cheche Lazaro, one of the very few media practitioners I so admire.

Anyways, here’s a snippet of Ms. Yasmin’s message:

Greetings from the Probe Media Foundation!

Together with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Probe Media Foundation invites the journalists and media practitioners in Mindanao to apply for the Mindanao Media Fellowship: Reporting on Children.

We hope that there are people interested who would apply. Thanks!

You can also visit our website ( then you will see the invitation for the Mindanao Media Fellowship there.

It would be wonderful if we get to work with you again.

I checked out the link she sent. Here are a few details about the fellowship. The rest of the requirements can be found here.


Media practitioners working in Mindanao who belong to print news publications and broadcast (radio and TV) news and public affairs departments must fill up and submit the MMF application form, proposal form and provide latest sample work (article, script, report, etc.) Editors, Photojournalists, Reporters, Directors, Segment Producers and writers below 50 years old, who have been with their agency/network for at least three years are encouraged to apply. Selection will be based on eligibility and creativity of proposed topic.

Selected participants shall undergo the following activities:

• 3-day workshop in Mindanao on reportage on children’s issues and media techniques (Sept 2009)

• Coverage and publishing/airing of stories on the issue. (Oct to Nov 09)

o For radio/TV- at least a total of eight (8) mins airtime (e.g, Eight- 60-sec reports, Four 2-min reports or one 8-min piece)

o For print – a total of at least 1700 words with photographs (e.g. 2 to 3 short articles or 1 long piece, etc)

• 2-day Closing Workshop to present and evaluate the published and broadcasted segments (Nov 09)

Participants of the fellowship shall be provided with round-trip travel to the venues in Mindanao for the two workshops, accommodations and meals, training including materials, and a sub-grant for the production/reporting costs for the delivery of the proposed journalistic pieces.

So to my fellow Mindanao-based journalists…please don’t hesitate to check out the requirements for this UNICEF-funded fellowship…and good luck to all of you! 🙂

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