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Probe Media Foundation invites Mindanao journalists to UNICEF-funded fellowship

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Mindanaoan recently received an email from Ms. Yasmin Mapua-Tang, Executive Director of the Probe Media Foundation, Inc. She's inviting all Mindanao journalists to apply for the Mindanao Media Fellowship: Reporting on Children. Just a little background --- I had the privilege to attend one of Probe Media Foundation's trainings a few years ago. (I met Ms. Yasmin and she was a very familiar face --- I later realized that she was one of the reporters of Probe not so long ago :) ) It was a training on how to face the media, how to deal with the media, how to answer questions from the media etc. Our speaker for that one-day affair was no other than Ms. Cheche Lazaro, one of the very few media practitioners I so admire. Anyways, here's a snippet of Ms. Yasmin's message: Greetings from the...
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