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Day trip idea: Fortune Valley and Manalog Falls in Malaybalay, Bukidnon

During this pandemic, I’ve been spending more of my time in Bukidnon. This beautiful province is located in Central Mindanao and is recognized as the food basket of Mindanao. I love the absolutely chill vibe of this place and here, I can truly rest, read, do passion projects, do what I like and at the kind of pace I want. It also helps that the prices here are still way cheaper compared to those in the city. The closest city, by the way, is Cagayan de Oro.

Anyway, I’ve been going on road trips as of late and now, my relatives and I are thinking of probably trekking or exploring the mountains and rivers. A Malaybalay resident by the name of Enrico Asentista inspired me to do a day trip in Malaybalay. I didn’t even know about these two places! The good news is that these are just very near the city and can very well be fun ideas for a nice day trip with family and friends.

Fortune Valley

Just a few minutes away from what is fondly called by the locals as “Big Rock” in Barangay Can-ayan is Fortune Valley. There you can see a simple one-storey building, with wide open windows to draw in the fresh air and…well, what do we have here…AN AMAZING VIEW that even looks like a painting! There’s a camping area and you can order coffee and snacks.

I mean, look at the view. THE VIEWWW!!!

Manalog Falls

Now if you’re done with coffee and several snaps before the beautiful, lush mountains, you can head on towards Manalog Falls. From Barangay Can-ayan, it’s about an hour away. But if you’re coming from Fortune Valley, it will probably take you about half an hour.

Take a pick-up truck like the Ford Ranger Raptor that I recently test drove, an SUV that has high clearance, habal-habal from the city proper or just about any vehicle that can traverse a small, shallow creek and stony terrain.

When you arrive at Barangay Manalog, best to coordinate with the local officials so they can give you tips and directions. There’s an entrance fee of Php 50 (US $1) which is absolutely nothing especially when you’re gifted with a view like this:

The locals call this “Kahulogan Falls,” too!

Want to join me? 🙂

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