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Meeting Incubus and telling Brandon Boyd what I’ve always wanted to say

How do you talk to the members of a band whose songs pretty much filled many, many years of your life? I’m talking about high school, college, yuppie, and even professional stages of your life? Whose songs helped you face pain, sorrow, happiness, excitement, fear?

And, as if those aren’t scary enough, how in the world do you also face one of your biggest crushes, who happens to be the band’s lead vocalist? How do you gather enough intestinal fortitude to even be in the same space with one of the world’s sexiest, super talented men?

These questions ran through my head for days — well before THE day. Yes, I’m talking about that very fateful day that I got to meet the members of Incubus and, oh sweet Jesus, THE Brandon Boyd. I had the utmost privilege of meeting them here in New York, on a beautiful, truly memorable afternoon.

Incubus is responsible for the hits “Are You In,” “Drive,” “Wish You Were Here,” “Pardon Me” and “Dig.” And, on that fateful New York afternoon, they talked about their album “8.” (UPDATE: Incubus just released “Trust Fall”! Check it out!)

Anyway — OK. About that day. I arrived early at the east side of Manhattan. I was escorted and made to sit at the “Reserved” section, which was literally 3 feet away from where the guys were. Of course, I had to take a photo for posterity LOL After all, this could very well be an awesome story for my grandkids someday!

And here’s what went down, basically. Watch below (please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and hit the notification bell so you’ll be updated with fresh content! Thank you very much for your support!)

Did you watch until the end? 🙂

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Here are some photos I took of Incubus and of that sexy one, Brandon Boyd:

Just in case you’re curious as to what I told Brandon — you need to watch the video! 😉

Nah, just kidding! I told Brandon Boyd this: I’m a longtime fan. I just want to let you know that you have a gift. Thank you for sharing that gift. The world is grateful. May I have a hug?

His eyes lit up. He gave me the biggest smile and the warmest hug a fan can ever dream of. Yes, it was truly a fateful, beautiful New York afternoon.

Brandon Boyd is absolute LOVE.

Thank you so much to AOL Build Series, the management team of Incubus, the Incubus guys themselves and of course, Brandon Boyd. You made my heart flutter. I will forever be a fan.

UPDATE: A friend of mine, Norby David (formerly of Rivermaya, still with Overtone) has a cool rendition of Incubus’ “Drive.” Watch it beginning the 47:00 mark (you can also subscribe to his channel)

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