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So excited to share with you all that this humble blog, Mindanaoan, landed on BlogMeterTop's top Philippine blogs list. I'm excited about this because it has been quite a challenge to write this year. So this is such a blessing and a reminder for me to always just power through! landed on 3 categories - on the "Top" overall, on the November 2020 top list and on the November 2020 Travel and Leisure. is among the top 50. BlogmeterTop is a Web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic for all Philippine blogsites. According to BlogmeterTop, they track the user’s activity on the site such as page visits and statistics. BlogmeterTop’s approach is to show the dashboard-type data (as a more in-depth data) report for the casual PH blogsite ow...
Meeting Incubus and telling Brandon Boyd what I’ve always wanted to say

Meeting Incubus and telling Brandon Boyd what I’ve always wanted to say

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How do you talk to the members of a band whose songs pretty much filled many, many years of your life? I'm talking about high school, college, yuppie, and even professional stages of your life? Whose songs helped you face pain, sorrow, happiness, excitement, fear? And, as if those aren't scary enough, how in the world do you also face one of your biggest crushes, who happens to be the band's lead vocalist? How do you gather enough intestinal fortitude to even be in the same space with one of the world's sexiest, super talented men? These questions ran through my head for days --- well before THE day. Yes, I'm talking about that very fateful day that I got to meet the members of Incubus and, oh sweet Jesus, THE Brandon Boyd. I had the utmost privilege of meeting them here in New Yor...
I was a Miss Kasanggayahan pageant judge

I was a Miss Kasanggayahan pageant judge

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In an earlier post, I shared all about my fun visit to Sorsogon Capitol to see my dear friend (and ok, sige na nga, super crush!) former Senator now Governor Francis "Chiz" Escudero. I was in Sorsogon, the name of which means "to trace a river upstream," because Sir Chiz, Miss Malu and the Sorsogon Tourism Office invited me for a fun and exciting task - to be one of the judges of the most-awaited annual beauty pageant of the province, Miss Kasanggayahan! I was so thrilled and readily accepted the invitation. It was my chance to see lovely Sorsogon, see old friends and meet new ones and of course, to observe Sir Chiz in his turf. As expected, he was so chill as he roamed around, drove his own vehicle and hosted us for lunch and dinner. By the way, he was so excited to share his...
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