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Simple Ways to Introduce Your Child to Jesus

As a Christian parent, it is inevitable that you will introduce God to your child. Psalm 111:10 says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Therefore, it is crucial to be affectionate and respectful towards Jesus while being at His mercy. If you are searching for ‘churches near me’, spiritual workers at Omega Fire Ministries Houston believe that the words of God build a child’s character and guide him/her on the path to righteousness. They are of the opinion that children should not be left behind in church activities.

So, if you are a resident of Texas, you must visit black churches in Houston to expose your child to God. Here are a few other effective methods to do so.


This is a ceremony in which one accepts Jesus as real. By believing Him as a reincarnation of the Supreme Being, you reconcile with God. This is the first step towards one’s commitment to Jesus. Make sure to take your child to one of the largest churches in Houston, TX to inculcate a sense of devotion. Children understand that baptism forgives their sins in the ‘Name of the
Father, Son and Holy Spirit’. They learn the basics of Christianity and get familiar with the customs.

Bible Stories

Read interesting Bible stories and excerpts to your child, emphasizing the fact that Jesus is like a friend. Stories of Adam and Eve, Goliath and David, Hadassah, Tower of Babel and The Fall of Jericho are good for young minds. Children can learn valuable lessons like: God does not care about appearance, He speaks to those who believe in Him and everything can be accomplished through your faith in Him.

Church Visits

In order to develop a child’s faith in Jesus, it needs to be practiced regularly. Find the best Pentecostal & Prophetic churches in Houston, TX and schedule routine visits with your child. Soon they will develop an interest and become eager to go to church. They will learn about the Bible, Christian morals, Jesus and God. This way, the child learns to glorify and praise the Lord for all that He has done for us. Pastors at the church can offer spiritual guidance as well.

Pray at Home

Apart from visiting the best churches in Houston, make it a point to pray regularly at home. Children emulate adults and teaching by doing is the best way to inspire love for God. Children need to know that God is their friend and they can talk to Him whenever they wish to. He is present at all walks of life to protect and care for them. Make sure your child expresses gratitude and thankfulness from time to time. They must also learn to pray before meals, in the morning and at night. Churches in Houston, TX believe that administering spiritual faith in children can be tricky. They must be given the right training and handled with concern and care. As parents, you need to show your own trust in God too. This way the child starts to put their faith in Jesus.

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