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Try Mardoney’s Bakeshop CDO ube cheese pandesal

This entire ube cheese pandesal or ube cheese desal craze has got me pretty curious so of course I had to try! Luckily, my friend Miki brought some to a recent meeting and he said he bought them from Mardoney’s Bakeshop and Restaurant. They were delicious! I immediately ordered two dozens the very next day.

Mardoney’s CDO is a brand very familiar to me. They actually started in Davao City, where I was born and raised. Mardoney’s is a portmanteau or combination of the names of the owner-siblings — Mark, Don and Honey.

Mardoney’s ube cheese pandesal is sold for only Php 8.00 per piece. Absolutely value for money! The freshness of the bread, the quality of the ingredients (they make and use their own ube halaya, people!) and the taste — definitely 5 stars!

Interested to order? Call or text 0917 728 7738. Tell them you found out about their delicious ube cheesedal through Irene of! They can produce hundreds of pieces everyday since they have industrial ovens.

Mardoney’s is located along JR Borja Street (beside Ororama, near Cogon). They have a bakeshop and restaurant (fastfood). They offer catering and dessert buffets. Aside from their ube cheese pandesal, give their chocolate moist cake, baked siopao (definitely a favorite of mine), fresh lumpia and pianono.

p.s. This is not a sponsored post. Just want to share the good news! The shelf life of these ube cheese desals is 5 days, by the way!

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