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Benefits of basement remodeling

When you first purchase a home, it can be so exciting to decorate the rooms for you and your growing family. As your home continues to get larger, one way to help add more value and space to your home is by remodeling your basement.

Having a remodeled or finished basement is something everyone should consider doing at some point in their homeowner schedule. The basement can be an area where your kids can play with their friends, have extra shelf space to add new life to your home, a second den or living area for guests or family members or even an office for you to use if you work from home.

Many homeowners choose to remodel their basement every year and there are a few incredible benefits to choosing this route. 

  1. Extra Space – The biggest value and benefit to having your basement double as a more livable area for your family is that it provides you extra space. There are long lists of activities that your remodeled basement can be used for. From a home office to exercise gym only a few steps away from your bedroom, to a cozy space that your kids can use to have their teenage buddies over. Some even consider making it an ‘in-law’ suite for when their loved ones need a place to stay or an extra guest room if others continue to stop by here and there. This can also be a place of entertainment for guests. Now you can purchase that pool table you always wanted to get, add a small little bar area and darts and now your basement has turned into space you and your own neighbors want to hang out in (plus it may cost you less money than going out all the time as well). 
  2. Become More Organized – While having a basement, in general, is key for keeping extra storage, it also can become a dumping ground for various items you or your family members don’t use that often. One way to declutter the space is actually finishing it to a place you want to visit. During the planning process, have an option to incorporate new shelving, closets and storage rooms for you to use. This helps to create new spaces for items you might want to put down there and also give it a more organized and cleaner appearance for you and your friend. 
  3. Saves Energy – In many cases your unfinished basement lacks proper insulation and can contain air leaks. While these issues might not be a huge issue because you don’t go into your basement that often, it can be an issue for any lost heat for your home and an increase in your energy bills. If you have a finished basement with adequate insulation and efficient windows, this will help create a comfortable environment throughout your home! 
  4. Adds Value To Your Home – While we hope to stay in our home for as long as possible, there may be something that occurs in the future that will need you to sell your home. For resale interest, having a finished basement is extremely exciting to have! It’s a great way to add value to your home and can also be a huge demand for many potential future homeowners even before a modern kitchen and several bathrooms. The investment return can be more than 100% so whether you’re thinking of renovating your home now or later, consider adding a finished basement as an affordable way to add space, reduce costs and receive a high return on your investment overall.

Now that you found out about the incredible benefits that a remodeled and finished basement can add to your home, how do you find a quality company to help bring that vision to life? If you live in the New Jersey state, consider calling C Mac Contracting. They are passionate about improving homes and take pride in what they do. They’ll work on your home makeover with the same attention to detail that they would devote to upgrading their very own home themselves.

Established in 2012, by Christopher Mackin, this contracting company can give you a stylish new space that reflects your design and personality with ease. They offer a variety of services including basement remodeling in the Point Pleasant area. Calling a professional to help you remodel your basement is a wise decision if you’ve never done it yourself. 

For instance, if your basement is too low for your ideas, an option to increase the head height is to lower the floor by digging out the existing base and pouring new footings. In most residences, the basement contains the mechanical systems of the home as well. And their professional services in the area will make sure you can still get access to these systems for any future major work on your main floor. They also can install sound insulation within the ceiling to protect the rest of your home from excessive noise. 

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    I like that you talked about how having a remodeled or finished basement is something everyone should consider doing at some point in their homeowner’s schedule. We have no use for our basement right now, which I think is a bit of a waste. So this time, I am thinking of asking for a basement remodeling service.

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