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3 best reasons why you need to treat yourself with Native Shoes

I like recommending products that I personally buy and wear. One of the brands that I have grown to trust and love is Native Shoes. I have written about them first here and then here plus I post several photos of me wearing my Native Shoes just about anywhere. In fact, I wore them the first time I went to Taiwan then during my trips back to Malaysia and Singapore with the rest of my family. I also brought my favorite Native Shoes pair to New York! Just recently, I ordered two new pairs and I can’t wait to receive them in the mail.

Back in Cagayan de Oro, Native Shoes (located at the 2nd Floor of Centrio Mall) launched its newest collection a few days ago. And trust me — you need to check it out!

Here are 3 amazing reasons why you must treat yourself with a new pair (or two or three!) of Native Shoes:

1. They’re astoundingly light. Like absolutely, tremendously, fabulously light. You’ll feel like you’re barefoot but you really aren’t. Like you’re walking on air. OK, OK, OK. I know you get it 😉 Seriously, you need to try wearing a super light pair of shoes because it’s innovative and life-changing. Truth be told, I find it difficult now to wear shoes that feel “heavy.” Go to the nearest Native Shoes outlet and just give it a go. You’ll definitely feel the difference.

native shoes cdo centrio mall

native shoes

2. Native is also called “beast-free footwear.” Meaning their products are free of any hide or hair of any animal. PETA actually certified them as a real vegan brand. They’ve been “beast free” since 2009. Being “beast-free” means they respect our animal friends. I think that makes them socially conscious and these days, being socially conscious is really cool and responsible!

native shoes audrey

3. Their designs are stylish or in tune with the times and contemporary but versatile. There’s something for everyone in the family! Their Audrey (d’ Orsay) collection, for instance, is really nice for day to night use. Ladies can wear them at the office, at a party or during a romantic dinner. Guys can choose just about anything off the LiteKnit collection. They’re all great! The kiddie collection is also really cute, colorful and fun.

native shoes cagayan de oro

native shoes centrio cdo

So go treat yourself and the rest of the family, your friends and other favorite people in the world. Include Native Shoes in your shopping list! You deserve it.

Watch what happened during the Native Shoes’ new collection launch in CDO:

What do you plan to buy at Native Shoes? Let me know in the comments section 🙂

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