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5 Coffee Shops in the West Village NYC You Need to Try

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely latte, quick pick me up or a cafe to grab a coffee and breakfast, there are hundreds of coffee shops to choose from in NYC. Sometimes your local Starbucks just doesn’t cut it, so here are 5 coffee shops in West Village you must try whether you’re a resident or visiting.

1. Rebel Coffee – Location: 19 8th Ave.

Rebel Coffee is a specialty coffee shop serving baked goods from local artisan bakers with fresh ingredients. This cozy shop is the perfect place to stop by for a cortado or mocha. You’ll fall in love with the atmosphere just as much as the coffee in your hand. Grab your go-to coffee of choice, take a seat by the windows and enjoy everything Rebel Coffee offers.

2. Birch Coffee – Location: 56 7th Ave.

Birch Coffee began as two individuals’ desire to love what they did for a living, making coffee. This shop gives back to the community while also brewing a flavorful cup of joe. With multiple locations in NYC, we love their shop in West Village the most because of the comfortable atmosphere. While you’re at Birch Coffee, try an americano with one of their delicious pastries from behind the counter. After all, what’s coffee without a freshly
baked pastry soulmate?

3. The Elk – Location: 128 Charles St.

If a full-service cafe with lite healthy bites and home decor for sale sounds up your alley, then The Elk NYC is the coffee shop for you. Inspired by the owner’s Pacific Northwest roots, The Elk’s decor is infused with the spirit of the outdoors. Focusing on social responsibility and sustainable practices, this shop is committed to offering guests the highest quality ingredients. This is a great spot to grab some breakfast and enjoy a cold brew coffee.

4. Prodigy Coffee – Location: 33 Carmine St.

You should stumble across Prodigy Coffee, a gem in the heart of West Village. Striving to deliver the finest cup of coffee, they also pride themselves in warm and welcoming service. Enjoy this intimate space full of the smell of coffee and dangling chandeliers in the ceiling. We suggest grabbing your favorite book and sitting down with a latte.

5. Merriweather Coffee + Kitchen – Location: 428 Hudson St.

Merriweather Coffee + Kitchen is serving Aussie-style coffee and food in West Village. Coffee is their passion, and their delicious and healthy inspired dishes pair perfectly with a cup of coffee. Their bright and modern space is inspired by the trendy beach cafes of Sydney. Our favorite breakfast dish is the turmeric ginger oatmeal paired with a macchiato.

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