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The fun Cirque de Globe CDO Globe Telecom party and my very special prize

I haven’t written about it yet (although if you do follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you’d have an idea) but, yes, I went home to the Philippines for about 3 weeks. It was a long-awaited, much-needed trip not only because I had to have my new US work visa stamped on my passport (let me know in the comments section if you want me to write about this, by the way!) but also because I have deeply missed my family, relatives, friends, clients (YASSS) and fellow bloggers!

My trip was apparently very timely. Globe Telecom wanted to hold their media and bloggers appreciation party pretty early this year (they usually send out invitations either end of November or December) and the date fell on one of my “relax/chill” days. The theme of the party was “circus” and there was supposed to be a contest whereby teams would showcase talents in singing, dancing, acting etc. So, of course, I readily RSVP’d, invited two blogger-friends to my mini-team (Mike of CDO Places and Miki of The Gourmand Geek, hallu!) and prepared for the big day.

Look at our attire – don’t we all look cute? 😀

cirque de globe cdo 2018

The Cirque de Globe party was held at a hotel. There were also other CDO Bloggers that night and they comprised the other team of bloggers. There were 5 teams that vied for the prizes.

Check out my blogger-friends and I looking all cute! (Pagbigyan niyo na please haha)

cirque de globe cdo 2018

We ate, played a bunch of parlor games and called on the heavens so we can at least win raffle prizes and whatnot. All of us also received goodies from Globe Telecom!

My mini-team, which Miki named “The Circus Trio,” didn’t win any of the major prizes but we did cart away Php 5,000 worth of gift certificates. We didn’t expect anything especially since we only practiced our routine a mere 15 minutes before we went to the venue (LOL…just keeping it a hundred!)

cirque de globe cdo 2018

HOWEVER — just when everyone thought the event was about to wrap up — TADAAAAA the host announced that the GRAND PRIZE was yet to be given away.

She then announces my name and my blog ( and she tells everyone (including a dumbfounded me haha) that I won a cool, spanking brand new Samsung Note 9 valued at around Php 60,000 or US $1,200. YAAYYY! 😀

samsung note 9

samsung note 9

Thank you very much, Globe Telecom! You guys will always be my preferred network! (Fast fact: I still have a separate phone for my original 0917 number, still on roaming!)

After like what seemed to be endless chika with blogger-friends after the event, The Circus Trio plus Edu and KD hunted for food. We found pizza! Treated the guys to this:

cirque de globe cdo 2018

And that was how things went down. Cheers to Globe Telecom and big thanks for the fun-filled evening!

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