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Why parents should send their kids to Galileo Learning Center CDO

Let’s face it. More often than not, English and Math are two of the subjects that most kids have difficulty on. The curriculum has evolved, is now advanced and is served fast-paced. There’s a constant need for the children to absorb, catch up and even implement the learnings in real life.

Parents also either find it difficult to teach their kids or they do not have the luxury of time to do so. Add that to the innate interest of children to excel in school (who doesn’t want to receive a medal and praise from classmates?) and things can be quite a challenge for both parents and child.

Fortunately, parents now have a partner in Galileo Enrichment Learning Program. Galileo CDO, which recently opened another branch in Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro (the first one is along Tomas Saco Street), was created by a group of educators who saw the need to reinforce school-based learning in today’s globally competitive environment.

galileo learning center cdo

Galileo Cagayan de Oro helps empower learners by providing them with opportunities for learning enrichment. Galileo CDO also uses the Telescopic Approach which focuses on each child’s learning needs. The program assesses the child’s learning abilities and provides a tailor-fit curriculum to tap into his interests and to bring out his learning potential.

Galileo students tend to be ahead in terms of academic competitiveness, mastery of K to 12 curriculum learning competencies, enhanced discipline and independence, confidence in gaining friends and, of course, the best proof of all – better school grades.

galileo cdo kauswagan

I was invited to the recent opening of Galileo Learning Center Kauswagan. I met with the center’s director, Hyacent.

This is Hyacent’s daughter. She entered the room, sat quietly and began playing with these educational tools. She was so engrossed in her own little world. When I asked her some questions, she was courteous and spoke in very good English. She’s a perfect example of what a Galileo tutee is!

galileo learning cdo

I also met with Ms. Rowena Matti, CEO of Galileo. She showed us how blocks, pegs and even this seemingly ordinary mathematical “toy” could efficiently help a child understand Math. Trust me, all the adults in the room were so fascinated with this one that we all wanted to bring it home 😀 I also learned through Miss Rowie that children learn through play and that is one of the center’s guiding principles.

By the way, Miss Rowie has quite an extensive background in education. Aside from leading Galileo, she is also involved in the Sacred Heart School system. Hence, trust that your child will learn from an enrichment program developed by top educators.

rowie matti

galileo learning center cagayan de oro

Galileo offers Math, English and Singapore Math for students ages 3 to 12. The sooner your child starts the program, the sooner he or she reaps the program’s benefits.

You can send your child to Galileo CDO twice a week for 30 to 45 minutes per session.

Rates are very affordable. They start at Php 1,860 per month.

galileo kauswagan cdo

Galileo Enrichment Program
2F Lordrico Building (beside Water District)
Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro

Call them at 0977 850 0304. Don’t forget to mention that you read all about them on 🙂

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