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TAPS restaurant Davao has a warning for table hoggers

TAPS, a famous local restaurant in Davao City, Philippines best known for their silog meals and is open 24/7, has a warning especially for table hoggers. A table hogger is a person who either spreads his work or bags and other stuff across a table (and therefore discourages other customers to use or share the table) or a person who orders one item (usually the cheapest on the menu even!) and stays at a table practically for several hours! I’m sure everyone has spotted a table hogger at one time or another.

I guess TAPS Davao gets a lot of these table hoggers since they’re open 24/7. However, the management has apparently decided that enough is enough! Here’s a warning posted inside their restaurant:


* Photo courtesy of Arvy Francisco Vallejos

The text is written in Bisaya but basically the message is intended for “thick faced” people (baga’g nawong) – that TAPS is not supposed to be treated like an office and that the management already knows your modus, which is to order coffee and then use the table virtually the whole day. As a result, other customers can’t sit or use the table anymore. The TAPS sign also claims that the table hoggers even get mad. And so, the warning: TAPS has CCTV cameras, we already know who you are so don’t even try to come back because we have the right not to allow you inside our establishment because of your being “thick faced.” You can really sense the management’s anger when you read the last part: Don’t snicker/laugh/smile because our customers already know who you are. Get out!


What do you think of this sign made by TAPS Davao? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Margie

    Talk about customer service!

    Such a turn off and speaks badly of management. I’m not by any means a table hogger BUT reading this, I don’t think I’d want to even order a cup of coffee in this establishment.

    If management is not “Baga’g Nawong,” it should rip this sign board off ASAP and learn the proper social graces.

    • Alvin

      I had the same reaction. Seems like the management of TAPS is very immature or just doesn’t know good manners. They’re worse than those table “hoggers” (I don’t know what it means).

      We went their at dawn today but when we read the poster we went to McDonald’s instead. I felt that kind of store doesn’t deserve my hard earned money.

  • Shawn

    this actually makes sense.. ang TAPS dili man cia coffee shop so why on earth would you treat it as such?? didto diay mo sa STARBUCKS? Kudos to the owner..

    • Margie

      The concern here is how management is wise and discerning enough with their handling of a situation that may involve a few (already-identified) individuals. It doesn’t apply to all customers. So, approaching it like shotgun leaves a bad taste to others.

      They should have more class. Maayo pa ang tagabukid. They have better manners.

      • Thank you Miss Margie for sharing your views. I have to agree with you. If they have already identified these individuals, then they should have dealt with the situation properly, swiftly and accordingly. They should have also thought of non-Dabawenyos who may come and visit their restaurant.

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