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TAPS restaurant Davao has a warning for table hoggers

TAPS restaurant Davao has a warning for table hoggers

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TAPS, a famous local restaurant in Davao City, Philippines best known for their silog meals and is open 24/7, has a warning especially for table hoggers. A table hogger is a person who either spreads his work or bags and other stuff across a table (and therefore discourages other customers to use or share the table) or a person who orders one item (usually the cheapest on the menu even!) and stays at a table practically for several hours! I'm sure everyone has spotted a table hogger at one time or another. I guess TAPS Davao gets a lot of these table hoggers since they're open 24/7. However, the management has apparently decided that enough is enough! Here's a warning posted inside their restaurant: * Photo courtesy of Arvy Francisco Vallejos The text is written in Bisaya but ...
Funny sign at COMELEC Davao

Funny sign at COMELEC Davao

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So I was back home in Davao City a few days ago. I was there to attend a seminar on covering the 2013 elections. Along with carefully chosen journalists all over Mindanao, I was taught how to uncover campaign finance, local power and governance. I will write more about what we learned from that Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism-organized event. Anyways, I just want to quickly share this funny sign that I found at the Commission on Elections - Davao City office. You know how people go to COMELEC to register as voters or fix their voter's registration IDs, right? More often than not, they're asked to place their thumbmarks on official COMELEC documents. Unfortunately, the fingerprint ink can be difficult to wipe off. So guess where some Filipinos "get rid" of the pesky ink......

How a single letter can make a difference

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I couldn't help but take a photo of this during my trip to Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao over the weekend. I was crossing the street when I spotted this sign at the back of a van. The word "Legislators" first caught my attention - the letters were huge, red and attractive. Unfortunately, when I studied the sign further, I saw something wrong. Can you find what I saw? A single misspelled word can really make or break a lot of things - even an organization's sign/placard. Just when I was supposed to be impressed, I was immediately disappointed with what I saw. I had a lot of questions, too --- who made that sign/placard? Why did the National Movement of Young Legislators allow such blunder? How much did the group spend for a misspelled sign? Didn't they check beforehand or at least reque...
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