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TAPS restaurant Davao has a warning for table hoggers

TAPS restaurant Davao has a warning for table hoggers

Business, Controversial, Davao City, Davao del Sur, Food
TAPS, a famous local restaurant in Davao City, Philippines best known for their silog meals and is open 24/7, has a warning especially for table hoggers. A table hogger is a person who either spreads his work or bags and other stuff across a table (and therefore discourages other customers to use or share the table) or a person who orders one item (usually the cheapest on the menu even!) and stays at a table practically for several hours! I'm sure everyone has spotted a table hogger at one time or another. I guess TAPS Davao gets a lot of these table hoggers since they're open 24/7. However, the management has apparently decided that enough is enough! Here's a warning posted inside their restaurant: * Photo courtesy of Arvy Francisco Vallejos The text is written in Bisaya but ...

Why Mindanaoans especially Dabawenyos still love TAPS

Commentary, Davao City, Food, Mindanaoan Update, Musings
New fastfood outlets and restaurants may pop up like mushrooms in Davao City Mindanao but methinks Dabawenyos still love TAPS. Taps, short for "tapsilog" (tapa - sinangag - itlog), has long been in the food industry in Davao City and it's known for its wide array of "pares" or "tapsi" meals. Name it - they most probably have it. From tapsilog to bangsilog (bangus-sinangag-itlog) to tocilog to lekasilog (lechon kawali-sinangag-itlog) to adosilog (adobo-sinangag-itlog), TAPS Davao has it! If I'm not mistaken, they've been in existence for more than 15 years. Taps was one of the places my friends and I frequently hung out in during our high school days (only goes to show my age, eh?) These days, Taps now has branches in Bolton Street (the one I still frequently go to), Sta. Ana Street, Leg...
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