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Why you should visit Tsinoy’s Pares and Mami House CDO

I love Filipino food. I love Chinese food. Sometimes I crave for a little bit of both and then want something interesting that I don’t get to try everyday. Did that confuse you? Let me put it this way – don’t we have days when we just want both Chinese and Filipino food – and then maybe something that could remind us of our memorable Asian trips – all in one table?

Good thing Michelle of Tsinoy’s Pares and Mami House CDO recently invited me, my mom and Emma to try out their fare. It was the perfect way to satisfy cravings!


Nestled at Tiano – Mabini Streets, Cagayan de Oro, Tsinoy’s CDO is a 7-month old restaurant that’s fast gaining fans and loyal customers. Of course, judging by their establishment’s name alone, we know that they serve Chinese and Filipino food. However, Tsinoy’s Pares and Mami House Cagayan de Oro offers so much more!

The restaurant’s interiors are pretty nice, by the way. Don’t worry, the eye candy interiors do not translate to expensive prices. In fact, the food prices are VERY AFFORDABLE!


Their money tree is perhaps the most photographed item inside the restaurant.

Yes, they offer FREE WiFi.


Check out the beehive-looking lamps. Pinoy na Pinoy!


I uploaded this photo on Instagram and a lot of people liked the ingenuity of it all. Who knew coconut husks can make for a nice wall decor?


If you’re wondering how this food fusion of sorts came about, Michelle says it’s because of her husband’s liking for pares, lugaw and other simple, cheap but good food. Pares is popular in Manila – it’s a full meal composed of soup, rice and beef stew.

During our visit, we tried the halaan soup (Php 249.00). The clams and vegetables used were fresh. Good as meal starter.


The kinilaw or ceviche (Php 159.00) was delicious. Fresh fish and chili. It was prepared the Kagay-anon way.



The pork siomai (Php 59.00) and the Japanese siomai (also Php 59.00) were tasty. The pieces of Japanese siomai in particular were packed with meat and flavor – recommended!


Since Em hasn’t tried beef rendang before, we ordered a serving. The Tsinoy’s CDO take on the beef rendang, a steal at only Php 179.00, is a MUST-TRY. This one’s a generous serving that can be shared by 2 to 3 people.

If you’ve traveled to either Malaysia or Singapore and have tried beef rendang there, then Tsinoy’s version won’t disappoint. Be ready to order extra rice, though!


Of course, I simply had to try the pares. Had to see if it reminded me of what I used to regularly have in Manila. Yes, Virginia, the Tsinoy’s Pares meal guarantees satisfaction. For those on a budget, you’ll be happy to know that this entire set only costs Php 89.00


I have yet to try them but Michelle says the lechon macau (Php 169.00), lengua estofado (Php 189.00), chicken feet (Php 69.00) and even the plain lugaw (Php 29.00!!!) are good, too. What I’m really interested to try on my next visit are the hakaw (reminds me of Hong Kong food), Hainanese chicken (reminds me of Singapore!), salt and pepper squid and the kare-kare.

Yes, their menu choices are THAT varied!

Tsinoy’s Pares and Mami House CDO also has a function room that can hold about 45 people. I wasn’t able to use their washrooms but I did take a quick peek. Clean and separate stalls for men and women. Thumbs up!

Tsinoy’s is open on all days. Longer hours every Saturday. They have a stocked bar that’s ready to serve you and your friends.

Visit Tsinoy’s Pares and Mami House CDO. Bring your family, co-workers, significant others, friends. Laidback ambiance, good and affordable food, free WiFi and nice interiors that could be conversation starters. Let’s not forget that they do have mami, batchoy and lugaw (for as low as Php 29.00!) – warm comfort food that you can have any time of the day. Parking is available albeit limited.

Tiano – Mabini Streets
Call (08822) 745800 [they offer delivery]


Thank you Michelle and to Tsinoy’s for the warm hospitality!

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  • Definitely an awesome place to dine with friends and family. I really love Tsinoy’s interior but of course I love the food more! The beef rendang didn’t disappoint (though I have no point of comparison yet), but one thing I know, it’s a MUST try!

  • Evette

    This place is so awesome! I’m captivated with the restaurant’s design. I haven’t gone to Tsinoy’s yet but I already tasted some of their foods and it really taste delicious! Hope my plan to visit there and treat my family will be pursued.

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