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Tips for Mindanao students moving to the big city to study

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Attending university has always been one of the main ways for students, young and old, to expose themselves to the world around them. The majority of major universities across the globe encourage pupils to study abroad, especially for those who are interested pursuing careers such as cultural studies, international business and language.

In recent years, the Philippines has become an increasingly popular destination for cultural exchange programs. Cities like Manila boast of numerous highly esteemed universities, which both foreigners and Filipinos are flocking to. When it comes to academic pursuits, Manila Metro has endless institutions to choose from. The vibrant capital city of the Philippines is home to many universities, such as the University of the Philippines and the Ateneo de Manila University and locally based students come from all over including Mindanao.

The university culture in combination with the diverse property market can lead to an overwhelming amount of options. Setting up can be complicated and choosing a suitable accommodation can be a big part of relocating to a new city. Yet, there are a handful of sites that can guide you in the right direction. International ventures such at Lamudi.com are already making a name for themselves in countries like the Philippines.

Leong Hall

* Leong Hall, ADMU

The site offers a wide range of properties to choose from, both for sale and for rent. The majority of Lamudi properties are located in the National Capital Region (Manila Metro) and there is something to fit each price range, with an easily accessible interface. In addition to streamline property finders, there are many design and architecture blogs based in the Philippines to help you get inspired when it comes time to decorate your new home.

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