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Christmas: How it Came To Be

Curious about the history of Christmas? The history of how Christmas came to be is pretty interesting, if you ask me. This article will shed light into the annual tradition we know as the Yuletide season. If you want to know more about Christmas, then read on.

Basically Christmas is that one special day for Christians to come together to remember, commemorate, and celebrate the birth of their savior, Jesus Christ. Let’s just say it’s like a birthday, only, it’s the birthday of that special one who is mainly the reason why we are here in this world. As we consider it as a birthday of some sort, it is, of course, celebrated annually and can also easily be associated to events like the Nativity, which most Churches would re-enact during masses on the eve of the event; gift giving within families; the putting up of Christmas trees and lighting them up with lights; holly; the visitation or arrival of Santa Claus or Father Christmas etc. Christmas is an annual event which is a joyous and sacred one for Christians.

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If we were to look where this sacred day and celebration came from, we can take a look at the Christian Bible. An account of the Nativity, the birth of the savior of mankind, Jesus Christ, can be read from there. Christ is the fulfillment of the promise God has made to His people if we look back at the time when the Old Testament came to be. Born of man, Christ was given to us by God for our salvation. Hence, Jesus’ death on the cross was God’s way of saving us from sin. Because Christ is this special to us, we remember his sacrifice and him by celebrating his special day, birthday, on the 25th of December.

The yuletide season is that time of the year for us to come together with our families and sing carols around the fireplace, with, perhaps, a sister or brother playing the piano or the guitar for us; it is the special season when we come along with our closest friends and families to exchange gifts and cards to show them how much we care for them and for us to know how much they care for us. Christmas is the season when we can be merry and happy and especially thankful to that greater being, God. Christmas is also that special season we spend with our loved ones helping out in putting up the tradition symbolic tree and decorating it with bright lights, candy canes, balls, and an angel or a star on top; Christmas is indeed all that and more! Of course, who could forget Santa Claus and the gifts he brings to children around the world? It’s also the day children consider really special.

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