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How to Find Cheap Holidays

Cheap holidays are not a myth. Sometimes it may seem harder to find them, especially as the original ‘cheap fights’ and penny fares are now a thing of the past. But it is possible to find a low-cost holiday without compromising on quality.

Of course this all depends on the type of holiday you’re after. If you’re happy with local destinations such as Spain, Portugal and Greece, then you should have no problem finding a real bargain – especially if you’re not looking for five-star luxury. If however you’ve got Jamaica holidays on your wish-list then it might be time to go back to the drawing board… or wait for that lottery win.

One of the obvious ways to bag a low-cost holiday is to book a last-minute package break. Late deals are big business and by booking a last-minute holiday through a tour operator, you can potentially knock a huge chunk off the original price. It’s all down to bulk-buying. Tour operators buy up flight seats and hotel rooms in bulk, then wrap it up and sell it as a package to customers. The thing to remember is that they’ve paid upfront for the rooms and seats, so if a large number (or any number) of packages are left unsold by the time the departure date comes around, they will sell them off at a reduced price to try and get some of their money back. It means you’ll have a limited choice of resort, departure airport and even destination, but it will usually represent huge savings.

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The alternative is to book well in advance. This gives you much more choice and, while it may not be as cheap as a late deal, you’ve got a much better chance of getting your first choice of hotel and local resort. Plus, most tour operators offer money-saving deals on early bird bookings, so it’s well worth looking into.

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