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Funny sign at COMELEC Davao

So I was back home in Davao City a few days ago. I was there to attend a seminar on covering the 2013 elections. Along with carefully chosen journalists all over Mindanao, I was taught how to uncover campaign finance, local power and governance. I will write more about what we learned from that Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism-organized event.

Anyways, I just want to quickly share this funny sign that I found at the Commission on Elections – Davao City office. You know how people go to COMELEC to register as voters or fix their voter’s registration IDs, right? More often than not, they’re asked to place their thumbmarks on official COMELEC documents. Unfortunately, the fingerprint ink can be difficult to wipe off. So guess where some Filipinos “get rid” of the pesky ink…

Check out the sign: “Pls. ayaw i trapo ang kamot bisag asa” (Roughly translated to “please do not wipe your hand – in this case, thumb – just about anywhere”)

funny sign comelec davao city

Only in the Philippines 🙂

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