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How to live your best life in your 30s (or 40s, or whatever)

Are you wondering how to live your best life? Well, many people will tell you different things, but I think it’s all about what you need – and what you want out of life. However, there are good starting places and things that every single person can benefit from, such as these: 

Prioritize your health

Exercise has been known to produce and increase endorphins in the body which relieves stress, improves your mood, and makes you feel better about yourself in general. When I am in a negative mood, I know that sometimes all it takes is a good workout. If you do not have a gym to go to, don’t worry – you can do basic workouts from your home, without any equipment. Try squats, lunges, running, doing sprints, pushups, and/or sit-ups. There is one gym in the Metro-Atlanta area that focuses on happiness – they say that their goal is to help you do what you love easier, by strengthening your body and your mind. It made me think about the mind-body connection and I realized that how you feel on the outside is exactly how you feel on the inside, and vise versa. Strengthen your body, in order to strengthen your mind.

Allow yourself to make mistakes – and then grow from them

As we grow older, for whatever reason, it becomes harder to make mistakes. We are tougher on ourselves and we feel more pressure to feel like we can never fail. Allowing yourself to make mistakes and then learn and grow from them, is a great way to prioritize self-love. Although making mistakes is not fun and it can be challenging, it’s also a great learning experience. You are constantly growing and evolving and when you start new, it doesn’t mean that you are automatically going to be great at whatever it is that you are starting. Push the negative self-talk to the side, and allow yourself to make mistakes, even if they are big mistakes.

Build your relationship with yourself

First of all, build your relationship with yourself. Learn how to love yourself 100%, no matter what that takes. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, who you are and who you become has a lot to do with th epeople you are around. Because of that, watch to make sure the people you are around are raising you up. We all have that one friend who brings the negativity into conversations a little too much. Maybe they are focused more on the “what ifs,” or the bad in a situation than the good, or maybe they just struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Who knows! Either way, experts suggest that surrounding yourself with good and positive people, who focus on the glass half full, can better our health and love of life. I mean, it’s simple: avoiding toxic relationships helps keep us healthier – especially when it comes to mental health. If you want to truly love where you are in life, find a group of friends that help you see the good in any situation. Eliminate toxic relationships and focus on those friends who encourage and uplift you. It’s truly a gift when you find those people…when you do find them, hold on tight!

Comparison is a thief

There is one thing that you are better at than everyone else. Do you want to know what it is? Okay, okay, I’ll tell you. You are better at being YOU than anyone else. This is the only game that you can win when it comes to comparison. Comparing ourselves to others is truly like the saying – it’s a thief of joy. It allows others to drive our behavior, and typically, when we compare, it’s about things that you can’t exactly control (like genetics such as height, weight, or athletic ability). Here’s the scoop: you can be anything that you want to be, but you cannot be everything. Comparisons between people are a recipe for unhappiness, and typically, it promotes self-destructive behaviors. The only time it doesn’t create this recipe of unhappiness? When you are the best at everything…and nobody is the best at every single little thing.

Don’t worry, there is good news. You have so many talents and strengths just by being you. Focus on what you are great at, work to improve when it comes to the things you love, and keep reaching for the stars. You are great, just the way you are! Please always remember that.

Live in the moment

Worrying about the past or having anxiety over the future are both counterproductive and a waste of time. Instead, to add to your happiness, change your mindset so that you live in the present. Another way of saying this is to be present. When you focus on the now, this moment, you are more aware of your surroundings, your breath, how you feel, what’s going on with your loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, other drivers and everything in your immediate environment. You’re alive and fully aware of it. Being present is a proactive way to increase your happiness and something anyone can do.

Take action

To live your life, you have to jump in head first and take action. Good things do not just wash up in the shore. You have to paddle to them. If you truly want to live your best life, start taking action now. If you need to go through a scary life transition, it’s worth it AND you don’;t have to tackle it alone. Moving, for example, is made easier by moving companies such as Consider it Moving. They do residential moving, packing, storage, commercial office moving Long Island, and more. These movers have the experience, the great reviews, and the commitment to every single client.

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