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My “Sharon” taping experience. Fun and disappointing at the same time

Before you read this, though, have you read my previous entry? You may want to check out Mindanaoan artist Laarni Lozada’s cool makeover (saw her in person during the “Sharon” taping). I must say, it’s good to see a Mindanaoan singer doing pretty good in her chosen career and that she’s doing well in Manila, too, so it seems. Kudos to Laarni!

Anyways, on to my kuwento about my “Sharon” taping experience. Thanks to Miss Bing, I got passes enough for 5 people to watch the April 18, 2010 taping of Sharon Cuneta‘s show. Although it wasn’t my first time to watch “Sharon,” I still felt excited especially since I towed some of my friends along. I was the self-proclaimed ABS CBN complex tour guide of sorts that day — we went to the cafeteria (where, during my days working in ABS CBN Manila, a lot of actors and actresses hung out or took their snacks), showed them the Dolphy Theater, pointed out some of the ABS CBN talents and managers (spotted Pokwang, Andi Eigenmann of “Agua Bendita” fame, talent manager Angge and comedian Tuko) and told them where the “Wowowee” shows were held.

The “Sharon” show is taped in Studio 5. My friends and I arrived just in the nick of time (call time for audience members is at 7:30 pm) and the security guard kindly guided us at the holding area. Roughly half an hour later, we were all led to Studio 5. There were roughly a hundred audience members that night, several of them even came from abroad and lots of them were certified Sharonians (fans of Sharon Cuneta), who even brought along their prized albums full of photos of Sharon, Sharon’s daughters KC Concepcion, Miel and Frankie and of Sharon’s husband, Senator Kiko Pangilinan.

The audience members were even “arranged” according to seat allocations. My friends and I were second on the list so we were at the first part of the line. Naturally, all of us were excited and all looked forward to the start of the taping. Unfortunately, what the guest coordinator failed to tell us was that we needed to WAIT FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR outside of Studio 5. And what’s more – there were no seats outside of the studio so some of the audience members opted to sit on the floor. Most people, especially those who came from abroad, looked visibly upset. I was personally disappointed and I must say, a bit angry. We could have just waited outside the cafeteria if that was the case. At least there were concrete seats there. Or better yet, we could have been led inside the studio where there were seats. The guard and the guest coordinator didn’t allow us and told us that “Sharon and the guests were still rehearsing.”

Here’s a photo I took when all of us had to wait for SO LONG (standing!) outside of Studio 5 where the “Sharon” show was supposed to be taped. Here’s another photo I took of us sorry looking audience. As you can see, some people already sat on the floor. What was also a bit sad was that there were a couple of old people who stood and waited. Of course, they already complained because our feet were sore and they didn’t expect that the audience members had to wait that long. The agitation reached a point wherein one of the “mature” audience members threatened a WALKOUT.

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and no one walked out. Tired, sore and disappointed, all of us eventually entered the studio. This, after waiting for TWO HOURS.

My friends and I spotted our seats. Five special seats right smack in the middle of the audience area. Seeing our seats uplifted our spirits somehow.

Plus, of course, when we finally spotted Megastar Sharon Cuneta, we eventually got energized.

Here are some of the photos this blogger from Mindanao took during the “Sharon” taping:

sharon cuneta photo by

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