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Christmas shopping? Buy jewelry or furniture from Mindanaoan Ann Tiukinhoy Pamintuan

Want to buy furniture or jewelry this holiday season? Thinking of Christmas gift ideas? Why not buy furniture or jewelry pieces from Mindanaoan Ann Tiukinhoy Pamintuan? Because if I only could, I definitely would!

This Filipino-Chinese Dabawenya, who’s part of the prominent Pamintuan clan in Davao City, is part of the Movement 8 alliance composed of various Filipino designers. Ann’s works have invaded New York, Moscow, London and Sweden.

Ann Tiu Pamintuan holds the distinction of being the very first female Asian designer to be featured in the International Design Yearbook. Not bad for someone who actually doesn’t have any formal training in design. In fact, this passion for design started out as a hobby of hers. Amazing, eh?

So far, this gold mango bangle by Ann T. Pamintuan is one of my favorites:

pamintuan jewelry

I just love the craftsmanship! I want, I want, I want one for Christmas!

I also love these furniture pieces:

pamintuan furniture 2

pamintuan furniture

Fabulous works, right? All these by a Dabawenya! All these by a Mindanaoan! Two thumbs up! 🙂

Pamintuan’s company, The Gilded Expressions, is a a design-oriented Philippine export company that carries metal furniture, home accessories and jewelry. Know more about Ann Tiu Pamintuan‘s work over at her official website. You can also find a schedule there. You may reach The Gilded Expressions through the APO View Hotel, J. Camus Street, Davao City.

Let me know if you come across any of her works! And now, I need to save up for that mango bangle…

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