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Davao City Mindanao to finally have its own sports dome

Thankfully, my fellow Dabawenyos and I can now finally say that our beloved Davao City REALLY is a world-class city to live in. I just learned that the world’s most livable city will soon have its very own sports dome — fully airconditioned, ready to accommodate roughly 8,000 people and worth roughly P100 million.

And here’s something that may surprise a lot of people — the City Government of Davao need not shell out a single cent since the funds for this project have been sourced elsewhere — i.e. the national government funds.

Interestingly, the funding for this Davao City sports dome will be taken from the congressional development fund of the Speaker of the House Prospero Nograles, a certified Dabawenyo.

Nograles said that the initial P100 million was taken from the national budget while an additional P40 million will be taken from his congressional funds.

With P140 million allocated for this project, expect a world class sports facility, according to Nograles.

Are Dabawenyos really happy about this project, though?

To be erected at the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP) in Obrero, construction for the Davao City sports dome will begin in the next 6 months.

Yup, before the May 2010 elections…and yup, during the campaign season.

Nograles’ son, Atty. Karlo Nograles, is reportedly eyeing a national position — observers say that he may run for congress. His father is reportedly eyeing the mayoralty seat in Davao City.

I could only wish that this Davao City sports dome issue not be used during the campaign season…but then again we know this is wishful thinking.

The sports dome will reportedly have commercial spaces. These will be rented out to generate income. The income, according to Nograles, will be used to fund scholarship programs.

Anyways, politics aside, the Davao City sports dome is a welcome development. Finally, big shows can now be organized in Davao City. We may even be able to host a Philippine Basketball Association game! Right now, I think Panabo is the only nearest venue for PBA games in Mindanao.

Event organizers will be happy to know of this sports dome in Davao City. Question is…will locals be pleased?

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